All About Labor

A Series on Childbirth including Everything You wanted to Know

From stages of labor, to signs of labor and even when to go to the hospital, here is the complete series of articles on labor and childbirth.

If you are expecting a baby soon, you will likely have a lot of questions about what labor and birth will be like. Sometimes your questions will be answered in the books you read, in your childbirth class or even in talking to your care provider. Parents may also find friends or relatives to be helpful sources of information about pregnancy, labor and birth.

As you do your own research on the subject, be sure to look over these articles on labor and birth as a helpful guide.

Possible Signs of Labor

This article discusses some of the ways your body begins to prepare itself for labor in the last few weeks and days before your due date. Signs such as frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions and nesting urges are discussed. What should you do if you are having several possible signs of labor? Find out more!

Definite Signs of Labor

There are only two signs that tell you that you are indeed in labor. One is the breaking of your bag of waters and the other is progressing contractions. This article describes how often each of those positive signs of labor occur, what you should do and when you need to call your care provider.

When to go to the Hospital

Should you go to the hospital when your contractions are five minutes apart? Or when your water breaks? What if this is your second baby? Or you are high-risk? This article explains all of the factors involved in making the decision on when to go to your place of birth.

Stages of Labor

There are three stages of labor which include First Stage (dilation), Second Stage (pushing and birth) and Third Stage (birth of placenta). Knowing about each of these stages, what is happening and what mom is feeling like at each stage will help to guide you in making decisions. Read more about each stage of labor in this helpful review.

Pushing Techniques

Often one of the most challenging times for mothers in labor is in the Pushing or Second Stage of labor. Exhaustion and frustration are common problems. Find out how to keep up your stamina, use the most effective pushing positions and avoid difficulties during pushing.

Pain Relief Techniques

You can never have too much information on how to relieve pain during labor. Some of the best comfort measures include hydrotherapy, massage and relaxation. Find out more ways to reduce the pain of labor in this helpful article.

Long Labor and What to do?

Many mothers have long labors with their first babies. Are long labors harmful? What can you do if you have a long labor? Find out ways to manage a long labor and reasons why some long labors are necessary.