Discomforts of Pregnancy

Learn Ways to Cope with Your Aches and Pains during Pregnancy

One of the biggest challenges in pregnancy is learning ways to cope with all of the discomforts of each trimester. From the morning sickness in the first trimester, to the back pain in the last few weeks, finding help is often difficult.

Not to mention, you are now restricted by what you can safely take to help your discomforts. You have fewer options in terms of prescription or even over the counter drugs now that you did prior to your pregnancy. For all of those reasons, pregnancy can be one of the most difficult times in a woman’s life to learn to manage those discomforts.

What are your most difficult pregnancy-related discomforts? Chances are you can find them in this series. Not only are the possible causes indicated, but also included in the discussion of each discomfort are multiple ways to get help.

Ways to Cope with Morning Sickness

Do you suffer from “all-day sickness”? The majority of mothers in the first several weeks find this discomfort to be one of the most challenging to manage. Find out what you can do to get relief from morning sickness.

Heartburn during Pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers suffer from a host of discomforts including heartburn, indigestion and constipation especially as the pregnancy progresses into the later months. Here are ways you can help to alleviate these digestive-related discomforts.

Treating Insomnia during Pregnancy

Are you having trouble sleeping at night now that you are pregnant? It is not unusual to toss and turn because you can’t get comfortable or get up several times a night to go to the bathroom. What are some simple things you can do to try to get more sleep at night?

Back Pain during Pregnancy

One of the most nagging discomforts has got to be having back pain during your pregnancy. It can affect your ability to walk and to sleep at night. Finding help is easier than ever with some of our suggested ways to cope with back pain.

Frequent Urination during Pregnancy

Like most women, you are likely going to the bathroom all day long. What are the reasons for why frequent urination affects mothers even in early pregnancy? Should you limit what you drink? Find out the truth.

Pregnancy Headaches

Headaches can increase during pregnancy due to a number of reasons including sinus congestion and dehydration. It is important to discover the cause of your headaches if they are frequent. Learn more about this common discomfort and when you need to call your care provider.

Do you have any other pregnancy-related discomforts? If so, can we help you on the comments below