How to Feel Good About Your Pregnant Body

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It’s not uncommon for mothers to struggle with the changes their body goes through during pregnancy, especially if it’s not what they had imagined. To add insult to misery, comments from other people about your size may seem extremely insensitive. Just remember that these are temporary changes, and after your baby is born you get your body back!

Consult your doctor:

If you’re concerned, talk to your doctor about what to expect from pregnancy. Knowing what’s coming can make easier to deal with.


As tempting as it may be just to sit in the sofa, resist the urge and go for a walk outside. Even just 15 minutes gentle exercise can help you feel better about yourself. It also helps you accomplish a healthy weight gain and makes losing it after the baby is born easier. Another important benefit is that it will make your labour easier.

Buy good maternity clothes:

You may only need them for a while, but invest in the best quality clothes your budget can afford. There’s plenty of variety in the market these days. And a tip from a fashion designer – black works wonders for mums-to-be!

Use clever make-up:

If you feel that you’re losing your body, using make-up may make you feel more in control of your situation. And why not be a little more daring than you would normally? Try a new lipstick colour or a more intense eye shadow.

Change your hair:

Another aspect that you can change to make you feel better is your hair, taking advantage of a shinier and thicker hair during pregnancy. Don’t make rush decisions about your hair style, but think about how you’re going to cope once the baby is born. It’s not recommended to use chemicals at least during the first trimester, while your baby’s organs are forming.

Take care of your skin:

Take advantage of your “pregnancy glow” and make sure your skin is always radiant. Unfortunately, you may be one of the unlucky ones and break-out in acne or develop dry and splotchy skin. Use a good moisturiser, which can also be good to prevent stretch marks on your growing belly.

Treat yourself to a day at the spa:

A nice massage can make you feel like princess – just make sure is a pregnancy massage. For a quick boos why not go for a facial and a manicure? Guaranteed to make you feel better. If this is outside your budget, just try a relaxing warm bath at home (makes sure the water is not too hot).

Stay positive:

If everything else fails, think that you’re pregnant and glowing and it doesn’t matter how you look. Your body is growing because your baby is growing.


As pregnancy takes over your body, it causes quick changes which may be difficult to adjust to. However long are the days where pregnant women should not be seen and you should feel happy about showing your bump in public.

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