Maternity Belt by LucyVee Review


While pregnancy is a good thing, some women will tell you how they struggle with back and pelvic girdle pain as their bumps get bigger and bigger each day. Maternity belts are designed to aid such women in easing the pain and any discomfort that comes with pregnancy. 

Maternity Belt by LucyVee

Maternity Belt by LucyVee

This pregnancy band gently wraps around your tummy and provides great support while allowing you to move freely and even workout, do yoga or go jogging

Essentially, a maternity belt helps carry the weight of the belly and your back so that you can go about your normal routine comfortably. LucyVee’s maternity belt comes with great features and extra goodies. It is a belt you will love putting on every time you need extra support to ease back and pelvic pain.

What makes it a must-have?

Cotton package

Comes with a cotton package that you can use to store it when not using it. Inside the package, you will also get three bra extenders in black, beige, and white. Keep in mind the fabric is soft; thus needs to be protected.


Wraps around up to 48 inches and can be used throughout the whole pregnancy. You can also count on it to reduce the possibility of stretch marks as it eases the pressure in the skin. 

Excellent support

It is designed to support the weight of your growing belly and to ease pelvic, lower back, and abdominal pain. Additionally, it takes the pressure off the sciatic never because it holds the growing bump for you. You will love it, especially those months when all your muscles are sore.

Suitable when exercising

Wear this belt and continue with your workout routine comfortably. Whether you love jogging, hiking, walking, or doing yoga, this belt will never let you down. It wraps well around the belly and has two adjustable Velcro straps that are over the hips. This means you won’t need any help to wear it.

Excellent fabric 

Made of anti-allergic fabric this belt is ideal for you if you are prone to allergies. In addition, this fabric is soft enough hence comfortable when worn over any garment or directly on the skin.


  • Comes in a beautiful cotton bag for storage
  • A great gift: three bra extenders in white, beige and black plus instructions on how to put them on your normal bras
  • Made of a super soft, anti-allergic, and comfortable fabric that allows you to wear it under your outfits without any discomfort
  • Offer support for baby bump weisght and ease different types of pregnancy pains
  • Comes in a soft pink baby color. Most pregnancy belts come in a nude color
  • Reduces stretch marks that show up during pregnancy
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Effective and adjustable straps
  • Wraps well over and around the belly, and not under it, reducing rolling down risk


  • Can feel too tight on the back if worn too. Adjust it for the best experience
  • Compare to other maternity belts; this one is a bit smaller. You might require an extender if you have a big bump. 

The bottom line

If prone to allergies, you can’t go wrong with this belt. It is soft, anti-allergic, and has double adjustable straps making it one of the best pregnancy support belts on the market. Moreover, it is affordable, is made from high-quality materials, and comes with three bra extenders. It is a purchase worth every dollar!   

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