Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Learn Methods of Naturally Inducing Labor

Pressure Points to Induce Labor

Learn some of the most effective points that can start your labor naturally. Also included is a discussion of when the points are most effective for stimulating contractions.

Herbs for Inducing Labor

What herbs stimulate contractions? Are herbal remedies safe? Find out more about the best herbs for labor induction as well as the controversies about using herbal remedies.

Castor Oil to Induce Labor

Often one of the most effective methods to induce labor, castor oil can have a side affect of dehydrating the mother. Find out how to avoid the pitfalls of this labor inducing technique.

Making Love to Start Labor

Sometimes considered to be an old wives’ tale, does this method actually start contractions? Find out if this method might work for you.

Spicy Food to Induce Labor

Mothers attest to the effectiveness of eating a spicy dish the night before they went into labor. Why could this method of inducing labor naturally work?

Massage to Induce Labor

How getting a massage can relax the mother and stimulate contractions to start. Tips on mother-partner massages versus getting a professional massage.