Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 12

Discover the changes happening toward end of the first trimester.

Your baby is developing vocal cords and taste buds during this week of pregnancy. Find out more about Week 12 and what you need to be doing.

Week 12 brings some very exciting changes with your baby including being able to listen to your baby’s heartbeat with a Dopplar. What else is happening?

What is happening with Your Baby?

This week your baby finally begins to look much more human in appearance. In addition, the baby’s lungs acquire their oval shape and believe it or not, your baby’s brain configuration is nearly complete!

Not only that, but even though they have been functioning for several weeks, your baby’s kidneys begin to secrete urine during Week 12. The baby actually begins to make its first sucking movements now. The first sign of taste buds and the beginning of the baby’s vocal cords are also seen during this week.

The very fine hairs that grow on the baby’s skin called lanugo make their first appearance on the baby’s upper lip and eyebrows during Week 12.

Blood begins to form in the baby’s bone marrow and if you went to your provider’s office this week, your baby’s heartbeat could be detected with a Dopplar.

What is happening with You?

Your uterus is now about the size of a grapefruit. Some mothers will have some skin changes occur. A dark line may begin to appear from your navel down toward your pubic bone called the linea nigra right around this time in pregnancy

The good news is that most women are beginning to find relief from morning sickness since morning sickness occurs primarily in the first trimester.

Since you are typically feeling better, it might be a good time to consider a pregnancy exercise program. Remember even walking every day is a great way to feel better!

To Do List:

1. Continue taking prenatal vitamins and eating a healthy pregnancy diet.

2. Begin or continue a pregnancy exercise routine.

3. Be careful to avoid harmful substances.

4. Research available childbirth classes in your area.

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