Pregnancy Week to Week – Week 15

Moving into the Second Trimester – What is new?

Are you noticing pigment changes this week? Your baby is about 4 inches long and covered with lanugo. Signing up for a hospital or birth center tour is a great idea.

Now that you are close to your fourth month of pregnancy, you may notice several skin changes happening with your body. Find out more about both you and your baby this week during pregnancy.

What is happening to Your Baby?

The lanugo (fine baby hairs) which just started to grow on the eyebrow and upper lip in Week 12 now covers the entire length of the baby’s body.

Since the baby’s skin is still very thin and translucent at this stage, you could easily see the blood vessels throughout the baby’s body that are busy pumping blood to the growing little 4 inch fetus.

What is happening with You?

Many women begin to discover early in the second trimester that the pigment in their skin begins to darken. Often right about this time, the pinkish color of the areola (the area around the breast nipple) darkens to a dark brown.

Your pulse begins to increase about 10-15 beats per min in order to compensate for all of the demands your baby is placing on your cardiovascular system. It will remain at that rate for the rest of your pregnancy.

Are you having problems with acne? Or does your skin look the best it ever has? Skin changes are common during any stage of pregnancy. If you are having more problems with skin, be sure to ask your dermatologist about topical treatments that are safe for pregnancy.

Have you decided where to have your baby? You might consider signing up for tours of your local hospitals and birth centers. Some mothers find that homebirth is an option. Be sure to do your research, ask questions and talk to mothers who have given birth in those settings before you decide.

To Do List

Continue prenatal vitamins and eating a healthy diet.

Sign up for tours in your local birthing centers and/or hospitals.

How are you feeling this week? Share your thoughts on the comments below

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