Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 16

The baby’s handprints and footprints are forming this week.

As you start your fourth month, your baby is beginning to grow hair on her scalp. Find out what you can be doing to prepare for the rest of pregnancy.

Week 16 will mark some changes in both you and your baby. Let’s take a look.

What is happening with Your Baby?

The epidermal ridges on the bottom of the baby’s feet and on the palms begin to form the baby’s unique footprints and handprints.

Hair is growing on the baby’s scalp and you may even see the baby’s hairline growing with your family’s unique pattern.

Heart muscle is also developing this week and the brochioles appear for the first time in the baby’s lungs. Some of the baby’s sensory organs are also beginning to differentiate.

What is happening with You?

Your friends and family may be able to tell now that you are pregnant since often mothers will begin to “show” around the 16th week. Very often how pregnant you look will depend on both your height and your pre-pregnancy weight.

Are you noticing an increase in vaginal discharge? This whitish cervival discharge, called leukorrhea, is caused by the increased secretion of both estrogen and progesterone. If at any time you notice that your discharge becomes bright red, be sure to call your midwife or obstetrician.

Some mothers begin to notice a darkening of the nipples, areola (dark area surrounding the nipples) and vulva during this week of pregnancy. This is called chloasma, and while the darkening intensifies as the pregnancy progresses, it typically fades after birth.

To Do List:

Continue taking prenatal vitamins, eating a healthy diet and increasing your caloric intake.

Start a light exercise routine using these guidelines.

Look ahead to Week 17 to see what will be happening!