Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 18

Are you feeling your baby move?

Babies have an amazing ability to move and stretch inside the uterus. Mothers can become more in tune with the movements and even begin to distinguish them.

What is happening with Your Baby?

Your baby is about 5-6 inches now and typically weighs about 200 grams (or about 7 oz.)

Your baby is capable of moving, flipping and turning somersaults in your uterus. Did you know that your baby can make all of the following movements?:

  1. Startle movements
  2. Slow gradual movements of the entire body
  3. Hiccups
  4. Breathing movements
  5. Opening his mouth
  6. Sticking out her tongue
  7. Moving his arms and legs
  8. Rotating and lifting her head
  9. Sucking
  10. Yawning
  11. Stretching

What is happening with You?

If this is your first baby, you are likely to feel the first flutters of fetal movement, also called quickening, between week 16 and week 18. Mothers who have already been pregnant before (called multiparas or multips) notice these baby movements before first-time mothers (primiparas or primips.)

At first the sensation may feel like gas bubbles. But very soon, you will begin to realize that it is not gas pain but the baby kicking you! With time, you might even be able to discern different types of fetal movement (above.) There will be a big difference between a slow gradual movement of the baby stretching versus the rhythmic “beats” that can last for several minutes at a time. This could be your baby hiccuping!

It might be more comfortable for you at this stage to be wearing maternity clothing.

To Do List:

Continue prenatal vitamins and eating a healthy diet.

Be sure you have registered for childbirth classes. Some of the longer series of classes (such as the 12 week Bradley method) may actually be starting now.

In Week 19, your baby will begin breathing movements. Read on to find out more.