Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 19

The baby is practicing breathing in utero and lengthening this week.

The baby grows even longer this week. Mothers may be interested in interviewing a birth or postpartum doula as they near the beginning of month five.

What is happening with Your Baby?

Your baby has grown to 15-16 cm (about 6 inches) and weighs about 250g (8.5 ozs) this week of pregnancy. Your baby’s arms and legs are growing longer than ever.

She practices “breathing” movements that will prepare her for taking her first breaths after she is born.

The fine baby hair (lanugo) has nearly completely covered her entire body.

What is happening with You?

Do you have special dietary needs during your pregnancy? If you are a vegan or lactose-intolerant, finding adequate vitamins and minerals can be a challenge. See information on healthy eating and special diets.

If you are feeling more aroused sexually during this second trimester, you are not alone. As your pelvic floor and vagina become more vascular, they also become more sensitive. Perhaps this is a good time to plan a romantic getaway before the beginning of late pregnancy discomforts!

Have you considered using a birth or postpartum doula? Find out the difference between these two helpers and whether or not they could benefit you and your growing family.

To Do List:

Continue prenatal vitamins, healthy eating habits and exercise.

See these interview questions about using a doula.

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