Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 2

The amazing events of ovulation and conception occur.

At the end of week two, your body is ready to conceive. What changes are happening with your body and your baby?

Although it may seem odd that you are in Week 2 of your pregnancy, don’t forget that the pregnancy calendar goes by gestational age and not calendar months. Here are some things that are happening in week 2 of your pregnancy:

What is happening with your Baby?

This is the very beginning of your baby since ovulation and conception likely occurs about 2 weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period. Your ovary releases an ovum and the sperm meets the ovum in the outer section of the fallopian tube. As the two cells come together, the sperm penetrates the membrane surrounding the ovum and they both become enclosed within one membrane. This is called zona reaction and essentially “locks out” other sperm from entering.

The tiny blastocyst is now forming as the two original cells begin to divide quite rapidly. It begins its journey now from the fallopian tube to the uterus to be ready to implant.

What is happening with You?

Your ovary releases one ovum from your ovarian follicle. Some women can feel ovulation occuring since they get abdominal pain. This is known as mittelschmerz. Your body is also producing more estrogen so that the cilia in your fallopian tubes can help push the egg toward your uterus. Believe it or not, your tiny egg is incapable of moving by itself. Your egg will be fertile for about 24 hours before it breaks down and is reabsorbed.

On the father’s side of things, about 200-500 million sperm are released during love-making. Some sperm can actually reach the egg as quickly as 5 minutes, but often can take up to 6 hours. Sperm are capable of living inside the mother’s uterus and fallopian tube for 2-3 days.

Very few women will know they are pregnant this soon. A small handful may have some early signs of bloating or breast tenderness right after conception.

To Do List:

If you have not begin taking your prenatal vitamins, do so now.

Be sure to begin or continue your healthy pregnancy diet.

You will not likely to test positive on a home pregnancy test yet since your hCG levels cannot be detected until about 8-10 days after conception. Consider waiting for a week or two.

Look ahead to Week Three of Pregnancy.