Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 22

At the halfway point through Month Five – What do you need to know?

Often one of the most comfortable times during pregnancy, the second trimester is also a time of rapid growth and change. Find out more about Week 22 of pregnancy!

As you enter Week 22 of pregnancy, you are likely to be still feeling relatively comfortable. Though it is typically evident to most of your friends and family that you are indeed pregnant, the true discomforts of pregnancy have not begun quite yet. Enjoy this time while it lasts!

Let’s find out more of what to expect in Week 22.

What is happening with Your Baby?

Your baby’s weight is very close to 1 pound by this Week 22 of pregnancy. Also your baby’s eyelids and eyebrows are developing now.

The baby’s skin, which has been very thin and transparent for the first 4 months of pregnancy, is beginning to thicken. The baby’s fine body hair, called lanugo, which first appeared around 12 weeks of pregnancy, now cover the baby’s entire body. The later your baby arrives, the less lanugo you will typically notice. For example, if you go into labor 1-2 weeks after your due date, there will be very little lanugo remaining.

What is happening with You?

As the baby continues to develop and gain weight, you may be noticing that you are also hungrier. Do you need to be “Eating for Two?” It is important to find out more about your own caloric intake during the second trimester. In general, you should be adding about 300 additional calories to your pre-pregnancy diet. See this article for information on calories needed as well as information about weight gain during pregnancy based on your BMI.

What should you be eating? Here is a sample pregnancy diet of great foods to help you plan. Also see the complete series on nutrition for more information on organic foods and foods to avoid.

Because of increased blood supply and vascularized blood vessels, you might notice an increase in the sensitivity of your pelvic floor. Some mothers during the second trimester find love-making to be more enjoyable and may desire it more frequently. You may want to consider scheduling a trip with your spouse while you can safely travel and well before the discomforts of late pregnancy begin to creep in!

To Do List:

1. Consider a weekend getaway to enjoy some time alone with your spouse before baby comes.

2. Continue your healthy pregnancy diet and taking your prenatal vitamins.

3. Get some regular and safe exercise and rest when you need it.

4. Have you considered using a birth doula? It’s not too late to begin the interview process. Find out more about doulas in this new series.

As you move into Week 23, what changes will occur? Find out more!