Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 25

How are You coping with Month Six of Pregnancy?

As you progress through your second trimester, your baby is growing rapidly and you are indeed becoming more uncomfortable. Find out more about the changes happening.

You are only three weeks away from entering your third trimester! As you work you way into pregnancy, perhaps you are settling in to your changing body. The fatigue you might have felt earlier in pregnancy is gone but you might be slowing down a bit more now that your baby is larger. However you are getting used to the many changing symptoms of pregnancy, not to mention that more changes are happening now with your baby as you move further into your sixth month.

What is happening with Your Baby?

The baby’s lungs are still growing and the blood vessels inside your baby’s lungs are also forming. As your baby is preparing further to breath on his own, his nostrils are also beginning to open in Week 25 of pregnancy.

Your baby can now respond to sound during this week since her sense of hearing is now fully developed. Don’t forget you can be talking, singing or reading to your baby as often as you would like to since we know that the baby is already learning about language before she is even born!

The first sign of meconium, which is the baby’s first stool, is now forming inside the intestines. Typically the baby will pass his first stool in the first day or two after birth after beginning to breastfeed. As the baby nurses and eats colostrum, he will pass meconium (which is quite dark and tar-like) before the stool becomes looser and lighter colored.

What is happening with You?

Do you feel your heart beating faster? Most mothers in their second trimester notice that their pulse increases by 10-15 beats per minute and continues throughout the rest of the pregnancy. Your body is busy pumping blood to all of the additional tissues needed to supply your pregnancy as well as to provide nutrition to the baby.

Many women suffer from gastrointestinal problems beginning in the later stages of the second trimester. Heartburn, indigestion and constipation are all quite common and result from pressure on the stomach and colon as well as hormonal changes. Be sure you consult your care provider for information about over-the-counter remedies that are safe for you to take during pregnancy.

To Do List:

1. Find remedies to your pregnancy discomforts in the new series coming soon!

2. Are you preparing your baby’s nursery yet? Now is the time to get started.

3. Be sure to continue good nutrition and getting plenty of rest.

4. If you have registered for a 12 week childbirth class, that may be starting now. Find out more about the best childbirth classes.

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