Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 26

Find out what happens to you and your baby in your second trimester

As you get closer to your third trimester, there are some interesting changes happening with you and the baby. Have you selected your baby’s name yet?

Week 26 of pregnancy brings you closer to the end of the second trimester. While you are likely glad that there are only 14 weeks left, it can be difficult to realize that some of the most challenging aspects of pregnancy still lay ahead of you! Let’s find out a few ways that your baby is changing and developing this week as well as how to best prepare for what is ahead.

What is happening to Your Baby?

In week 26 of pregnancy, your baby is about 25 cm long (nearly 10 inches) and weighs approximately 850 grams (just under 2 pounds.)

This is the first week that your baby begins to develop stores of brown fat in preparation for his or her colder life outside the uterus. This brown fat plays a vital role in helping the baby to regulate his own body temperature after he is born.

Though your baby’s eyes have not opened, they are fully developed by Week 26 of pregnancy. All babies actually do have blue eyes at this stage until they are a few months, at which point they may change.

What is happening to You?

You may be finding that your weight gain is increasing to approximately a pound every week. For more information about recommended weight gain, read this helpful article.

Have you noticed any Braxton-Hicks contractions? It is not uncommon to miss these early “practice contractions” of the uterus. Braxton-Hickx contractions occur infrequently and do not increase in intensity or frequency as with labor contractions. While they may be uncomfortable, Braxton-Hicks typically are not painful. Mothers can mistake Braxton-Hicks contractions for the baby moving or that it feels like the “baby is curling up into a ball” for up to a few minutes at a time. Typically between 26-28 weeks of pregnancy, Braxton-Hicks contractions become more noticeable and may increase in frequency. This is a great time to practice the breathing and relaxation exercises you may be learning in childbirth classes.

As you are getting closer to the end of your second trimester, you may be looking for the perfect name for you baby. There are many choices from trendy names, popular names, biblical names and family names. Here is a list of the most popular names as well as what to consider when choosing a baby name.

To Do List:

1. Select a name for your baby.

2. Is your diet healthy? Read more about nutrition, weight gain, and special diets in this series.

3. Start practicing your breathing and relaxation exercises that you learned in class.

4. Continue working on your baby nursery.

5. You may be tested for gestational diabetes this week. Find out more about this test here.

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