Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 27

Entering the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

As you begin your third trimester of pregnancy, your fatigue may return and some of your discomforts can become more pronounced. Your baby weighs just under 1,000gms.

As we divide up each of the weeks of pregnancy into trimesters, Week 27 is the first official week of the third trimester of pregnancy. You may be noticing that your body is becoming more unwieldy as your baby grows within your uterus. The burst of energy you had in your second trimester of pregnancy is starting to ebb and be replaced by more fatigue.

Let’s take a look at what is happening to your baby as he or she continues to develop as well as what might be happening to you. Also what do you need to be doing now in this third trimester? Read our helpful checklist below:

What is happening to Your Baby?

Your baby weighs just under 1,000 grams (which for the metrically-challenged is about 2.2 pounds) and is about 25 cm long (or roughly about 10 inches.) Your baby’s body has a more lean appearance and is less wrinkled and red. His fingernails and toenails appear.

Your baby’s lungs are producing a substance called lecithin, which is necessary for the baby to be able to breath on her own after she is born. The amount of lecithin found in the amniotic fluid during pregnancy can help your provider know how mature your baby’s lungs are for breathing.

What is happening to You?

Are you noticing any burning or tingling in your hands that radiates as far as your elbow? This is a common effect of pregnancy known as carpal tunnel syndrome. The reason some women get carpal tunnel syndrome is that the median nerve below the carpal ligament of the wrist is compressed by swelling. The good news is that carpal tunnel syndrome typically recedes after your baby is born.

Maybe you are having difficulty with constipation as you enter your third trimester. This is very common for mothers and there are several ways to prevent constipation from becoming a problem. See this article on heartburn and other other digestive problems in pregnancy for more information.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Many mothers report having sleep problems or insomnia in these last few weeks of pregnancy. Not only are you so uncomfortable, you are also getting up so often during the night to use the bathroom due to frequent urination. For more help with insomnia, be sure to check out this article.

To Do List

1. Are you taking your childbirth classes yet? It’s not too late if you register soon.

2. Continue healthy eating and be sure to read all of the nutrition series including foods to avoidorganic foodshealthy dietsspecial diets and prenatal vitamins.

3. Are you exercising? Find out what the safe guidelines are as well as tips for birth preparation.

4. If you are experiencing any pregnancy-related discomforts, see this helpful new series.

Are you in Week 27 of pregnancy? How are you feeling? Talk to us.

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