Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 29

Find out how to get ready for the last several weeks of pregnancy.

Week 29 of pregnancy is a time when the baby begins to develop more fat layers. Your baby weighs about 2 and a half pounds this week!

Never in your life does both your baby and body change with almost lightening speed. As you enter your 29th week of pregnancy, your body is still adapting and changing to meet the demands of your baby. Your little bundle is becoming not-so-little now and is taking up even more space in your uterus. Let’s take a look at what else is happening during Week 29 of pregnancy.

What is happening with Your Baby?

Your baby weighs about 3 pounds and can be as much as 29 cm (or about 11 inches) in length. Your baby begins to develop a layer of fat called “subcutaneous,” which is the first layer just below your baby’s skin.

Believe it or not, your baby will also begin to be responsive to sounds outside the mother’s body. Now you can be reassured that if you live near a busy street or you have noisy barking dogs in your home, your baby is already beginning to get used to those noises!

Have you felt your baby’s hiccups yet? Chances are high that you have but perhaps you have not recognized them as such. When your baby hiccups, it feels like a very small, rhythmic movement, almost like small kicks but they are consistent in nature. Hiccups mean that your baby is drinking your amniotic fluid and they are a good sign that your baby’s lungs are maturing and she is getting ready to be able to breathe on her own.

What is happening to You?

Likely you are settling in nicely to your pregnancy and beginning to prepare yourself for the birth of the your baby. Unfortunately, along with Week 29 and this last trimester of pregnancy, can also come plenty of discomforts such as heartburn, insomnia and leg cramps.

If you notice you are having frequent leg cramps, it might be due to having a lack of calcium in your diet. Calcium-rich foods include cottage cheese, yogurt, salmon, tofu, collard or mustard greens. Be sure to look over more healthy eating ideas in our entire nutrition series.

To Do List:

1. Refer to our series for relief of any pregnancy-related discomfort.

2. Continue healthy eating and taking prenatal vitamins.

3. Start interviewing daycare providers if you plan to return to work. For more about choosing to stay home, read this article.

4. Are you in the middle of your childbirth class yet? Find out more about finding a childbirth educator in your area?

Are you in Week 29 of pregnancy?

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