Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 30

Your baby may be moving into a birth position this week.

As you progress into your pregnancy, your baby continues to develop more fat stores and has a more rounded appearance. Her sense of taste has developed.

With only 10 weeks to go, your baby is growing and developing more and more each week. Are you prepared? Find out more about what you can do.

What is happening to Your Baby?

Your baby weighs between 4-4.6 pounds (or 1800-2100grams) and is about 12 inches long (or 31 cm.) Your baby will begin to have a more rounded appearance instead of long and lean. Her skin becomes quite pink and smooth. She will even begin to move her head down into a birth position. This is known as a vertex position and happens sooner with your first baby as opposed to your subsequent babies.

Your babies permanent teeth can be seen and he can even move his head from side to side. Another amazing fact is that your baby can begin to taste now. Your amniotic fluid likely contains many of the same flavors of your diet so if you crave spicy food during pregnancy, chances are also high that your baby is already developing a taste for that too!

What is happening to You?

Even though your baby is growing rapidly, if he or she were born during this week, they would still be considered to be pre-term. Are you aware of the signs of preterm labor? If not, be sure to read more about this common complication of pregnancy.

Have you noticed any back pain in these later weeks of pregnancy? Back pain is a common complaint which can have multiple causes as well as several remedies. To learn more about what you can do, read more here. Learning some stretching and toning exercises for late pregnancy can also help.

Many mothers suffer from more frequent UTI’s during pregnancy since there is a lag time from when the urine is produced until when it empties. Find out about frequent urination and when to call your provider if you suspect a urinary tract infection. (UTI)

To Do List:

1. Continue your healthy diet and taking prenatal vitamins.

2. Practice your pregnancy toning exercises for labor preparation.

3. Have your begun writing a birth plan? Find out what to include in a birth plan and read our sample.

4. Continue taking your childbirth classes.

5. Begin taking other related classes available in your area such as breastfeeding, baby care and parenting.

What is happening in week 31? Find out next week.

Are you in Week 30 of pregnancy?