Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 32

Finishing the 7th month of pregnancy

In Week 32 of pregnancy, your baby’s fingernails reach to the end of her fingertips. Mothers may begin to slow down physically and feel more cumbersome.

With only 8 weeks left to your pregnancy, chances are high that you are feeling either ready to have your baby, you are content with being pregnant or you have so much to do that 8 weeks does not sound like a reassuring amount of time left to get it all done! Which category are YOU in?

This is a big transitional time in your pregnancy as you finish up your childbirth classes and make those final touches on your baby nursery. Here is quick look at Week 32 of pregnancy with both you and your baby.

What is happening with Your Baby?

Your baby weighs about 2100 grams in Week 32 of your pregnancy. Even the tiniest changes can be seen in your baby’s development, including that the length of your baby’s fingernails have finally reached to the end of her fingertips. Her skin becomes softer and smoother and less wrinkled in appearance.

As early as Week 32 of pregnancy, your baby may begin to dream when he sleeps. Research indicates that REM sleep can begin as early as the 8th month. It can be fun to imagine what pleasant dreams your little one is dreaming of already!

What is happening with You?

From Week 32 on, you may be gaining as much as 1/2 pound each week! While this can be wonderful to see how well you baby is growing, most mothers are not so sure about their own weight gain, especially if you have gained more than your recommended amount of weight.

Are you suffering from any digestive-related discomforts such as constipation or heartburn? As your growing baby puts more pressure on your stomach and hormones slow your digestion, it is not uncommon to suffer from more discomforts as your pregnancy progresses.

This is great time to be finalizing your birth plan with your provider. What options can you have during labor? Is your care provider supportive of your preferences? What are the protocols in your place of birth? Can you have mobility in labor? Are there options for eating or drinking while in labor? Can you use a tub or shower for pain relief? What help will you get with your postpartum care and breastfeeding? Be sure to discuss all of these options in your next few visits with your provider and bring a copy with you to share with the nurse if you are having a hospital birth.

To Do List:

1. Continue your healthy diet and taking prenatal vitamins.

2. Find help for your pregnancy-related discomforts such as heartburn and constipation.

3. Complete your written birth plan.

4. Continue taking your childbirth class. Use our online class as a suppplement or if you do not have the time.

5. Take a breastfeeding and baby care class.

Week 33 is just around the corner.