Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 35

Preparing for Baby and Managing the Last Weeks of Pregnancy

With only 5 weeks left to go, mothers should be watching their intake of protein, calcium and iron as the baby’s nutritional needs grow.

It is not uncommon to hear that the mother’s nutrition is most important in the first trimester. While this is a crucial time for the baby’s development, the need for a healthy pregnancy diet continues and may be just as important in the last weeks of pregnancy. Here is more about Week 35.

What is happening with Your Baby?

Your baby is probably close to 34 cm in length and weighs about 2400 grams (about 5 pounds.)

Have you noticed that at certain times of the day your baby is more active than at others? It is common to feel your baby move a lot when you are resting or sitting still and then be less active when you are busy. You are essentially rocking your baby to sleep with your movement! Don’t be surprised if your baby continues the same pattern after she is born of being more restful during the day and active at night just when you are trying to fall sleep. It is even more important to sleep when the baby sleeps in the first few weeks until your little one learns a new pattern of sleeping more at night.

What is happening with You?

You may need to be adjusting your pregnancy diet to include smaller, more frequent snacks during this stage of pregnancy just like you did in your first trimester. Since your growing baby is taking up room and pushing up your stomach contents, you might be plagued with indigestion, heartburn and find that eating smaller meals to remain more comfortable.

Your diet should include ample amounts of calcium, protein and iron since your baby has need of these nutrients in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Your baby’s skeletal system is growing rapidly now and her brain cells are also developing so that is a good reason to continue getting protein and calcium in your pregnancy diet. Your baby also takes all of his iron stores from you to last for the first 6 months of his life. If you are not eating enough iron-rich foods, you can become anemic.

To Do List:

1. Have you taken all of your classes? If you missed your childbirth class or need a refresher, see our online series.

2. Be sure you are getting enough protein, (meats, fish, eggs, nuts) calcium (dairy, leafy vegetables) and iron (spinach, dried fruit, red meats) in your pregnancy diet.

3. Get plenty of rest and sleep when you can.

4. Continue practicing your perineal massage daily.

5. Review your breathing and relaxation exercises that your learned in childbirth classes.

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