Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 37

Your Baby has a Definite Sleep-Wake Cycle

As you move into your last 4 weeks of pregnancy, your baby will be able to make various head movements and now has a definite sleep-wake cycle.

With only a few weeks left, you are likely more than ready for your baby to arrive! You may even be finding that the same maternity clothing you were wearing comfortably a few weeks ago now fit even more snuggly. Let’s find out more about Week 37 of pregnancy.

What is happening with Your Baby?

Your baby may reach about 36 cm (14 inches) in length and nearly 3,000 grams (just over 6 pounds) in weight by Week 37 of pregnancy. It is no wonder your maternity clothes are getting snug!

Your baby now has very definite movements and she can both turn and elevate her head. She even has a very distinct sleep-wake cycle at this week of pregnancy. Can you tell that your baby tends to sleep more when you are busy and active?

In most cases, your baby’s lungs have developed sufficiently by Week 37 that they are considered to be mature and ready for respiration. The measurement of your baby’s lung maturity is called the L/S ratio and can be found in the amniotic fluid.

What is happening with You?

By now, it is likely that you have completed most of your baby preparations as well as your preparation for birth such as childbirth classes. One thing to consider during Week 37 is to begin packing your labor bag. Though it is rare for your baby to arrive this early, it will make things easier for you to have a few things packed away, such as clothing for your baby, items to use during labor, extra pillows and even non-perishable snack items for your helpers just in case your baby arrives this week.

Before your baby begins to drop or engage into your pelvis, it is not unusual to have a greater amount of heartburn and indigestion in these last few weeks of pregnancy. As your baby grows, the uterus pushed upward into the space occupied by your stomach. This causes less room in your stomach to be able to hold large meals. Remember that eating smaller more frequent meals, not drinking or eating within one hour of lying down and avoiding excess fatty or greasy foods can help reduce heartburn.

To Do List:

1. Complete your classes and preparation for baby.

2. Pack your hospital/birth center labor bag.

3. Continue to eat your healthy diet, avoiding greasy or fatty foods if necessary.

4. Get as much rest as possible in preparation for labor.

5. Continue taking prenatal vitamins.

6. Use toning exercises to prepare for labor.

Are you in week 37 of your pregnancy? If so, you might want to see what will happen next week.