Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 4

The organs of the embryo are well under way!

Now that you are into your first month of pregnancy, what are some important developments with both you and your baby?

What is happening with your Baby?

The period of pregnancy between weeks 3-8 is called the embryonic period. Every system in the baby’s tiny body has its beginning here. The baby’s heart grows into a four chambered organ between 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. The liver and biliary tract both develop during the fourth week. A section of the embryo, called the yolk sac, folds into the body of the embryo and becomes the baby’s digestive system during this week as well.

The first appearance of the baby’s respiratory tract starts now. The open neural tube (which is formed by the brain and spinal cord) also has its first beginnings in week four of pregnancy.

How big is the baby at 4 weeks?

Remember that even though there is so much going on with the baby, he or she is still very small. From crown to rump (head to bottom), the baby measures about .2 inches (0.4cm) and .014 ounces (.4g)

What is happening with You?

If you have a 28 day menstrual cycle, this is the first week you are late for your period. You might begin to have some early pregnancy symptoms such as a full or bloated feeling or breast tenderness. Some women feel almost as if they are going to get their period any moment but then they do not. You may find yourself wondering if in fact you are pregnant.

To Do List

If you think you might be pregnant, schedule your first visit witth your midwife or obstetrician. A blood test will confirm your pregnancy.

Eat a healthy pregnancy diet and take prenatal vitamins.

Avoid potentially harmful things during this very sensitive period.

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