Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 9

The beginning of the fetal stage.

The embryonic stage is now behind you as you enter Week 9 of your pregnancy. Your baby is now considered to be a fetus from this week through the remainder of your 40 weeks of pregnancy.

What is happening with your Baby?

The fetal stage brings with several remarkable new changes. One is that you can begin to distinguish between male and female differences during this week. Also the “tail” that was present in the first few weeks is no longer visible, with the exception of a coccyx or tailbone.

The adrenal glands have begin producing hormones, including the hormone called cortisol, which is helpful to during the stress response.

The baby’s kidneys actually begin to function for the first time at this week of pregnancy.

The baby’s nervous system continues to develop and differentiate as the spinal cord now grows to the entire length of the baby’s spine.

What is happening with You?

You might begin to notice a tiny bulge in your lower abdomen as your baby and uterus are growing together. You are likely to still be feeling quite tired and urinating frequently. Many mothers at this stage are also still experiencing some morning sickness.

Even though at times you may be feeling hungry, during the first trimester, you do not need to increase the number of actual calories you are eating. If you are getting cravings, be sure to eat a healthier substitute and not all junk food.

You may be considering prenatal tests. ACOG guidelines have changed. Read my blog about their recommendation. Several are available early in your pregnancy including the nuchal fold translucency, alpha-fetoprotein, (AFP) and the chorionic villus sampling (CVS) tests. Be sure to read the entire series on prenatal testing to help you decide.

To Do List:

Continue prenatal vitamins and heathy eating.

Be careful of cravings and eating empty calories.

Watch your weight gain by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Avoid any substances that might be harmful.

Read the series on prenatal tests.

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