Preparing for Birth

From choosing your birth team to taking childbirth classes, here are some ways to help you prepare for birth.

Giving birth is one of the biggest days in your life. Why leave anything to chance? These informative articles will help to guide you as you prepare for labor and birth.

Questions to ask your Provider

One of the first items as you get ready for labor should be selecting a midwife or obstetrician. Here are some questions as you begin the interview process.

Midwife or Obstetrician

As you plan for your care during pregnancy and birth, here is a list of what makes midwives and obstetricians different as well as things they might have in common.

Birth Doulas or Postpartum Doulas

More parents are realizing that support is needed during labor and postpartum yet there is often confusion about the roles of these two types of doulas. Read on to figure out which type of doula is the best choice for you.

Top Ten Questions to Ask a Doula

As you begin the process of hiring a birth doula, here are the top ten questions that will help you get to know her before the big day arrives.

Choosing the Best Childbirth Class

Childbirth methods and formats vary widely and so does the philosophy of the educator. Here is a list of questions to ask before you sign up for class to help you make the right choice.

Writing a Birth Plan

More parents are discovering the value of writing a birth plan. Find out some of the most important topics to include when planning for your own birth.

Birth Plan Sample

If you are looking for a sample birth plan, here is a typical birth plan that you might see parents write about their labor, birth and immediate postpartum care.

Natural Birth vs Medicated Birth

Easily one of the most debated topics among parents today, here is some information about the benefits of natural birth as well as using medication that might surprise you.

Pain Relief Techniques for Labor

One of the best strategies as you get ready for labor is to learn as many techniques for pain relief as possible. Here is a list of the most popular and effective techniques available today.

Labor Inductions on the Rise

A detailed look at why the rates of labor induction are sky-rocketing today as well as how to manage your labor if you need to be induced.

Pushing Techniques

Though it may seem straightforward, there are many ways you can be pushing ineffectively without realizing it. Knowing the best techniques, such as “laboring down”, before you are actually pushing can be crucial. Find out more about how to push more easily and effectively.

Homebirth – Is it for You?

If you are considering a homebirth, check out this helpful interview from a mother, Angela England, who has had two homebirths. It includes information about pain relief methods, midwifery care and insurance coverage.

Choosing Place of Birth

Are you still deciding about what place is best to have your baby? Here is a comparison of all three options – Home, Hospital or Birth Center – to help you make the choice that is best for you.