Top Reasons To Enjoy Being Pregnant

woman holding ultrasound results

Our List Of The Ten Best Highlights Of Pregnancy

Far too much focus on pregnancy seems to center around the negatives aspects of pregnancy. The morning sickness, aches and pains and labor pain all take the center stage. However many mothers find that there are several reasons they enjoy being pregnant.

What are some of the highlights women report about their pregnancies?

Getting a positive pregnancy test result

A positive pregnancy test can be incredibly exciting, especially for families who have been trying to get pregnant for awhile.

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat at your care provider’s office

This is often something mothers enjoy right around their prenatal visit at 7 weeks by ultrasound or 9-10 weeks of pregnancy with a dopplar. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat is a reassuring sign that baby is doing well.

Seeing ultrasound pictures of the baby in utero

A picture is worth a thousand words so there is nothing like actually being able to see this amazing little being growing inside of you! Most mothers today do have at least one ultrasound, but be sure you are having one done for diagnostic reasons or due to a medical concern and not just to see your baby.

Feeling the baby kick for the first time

Some mothers find that the first baby kick helps them to begin to bond with their baby. Feeling those first movements of the baby typically happens right around 18 weeks of pregnancy. Did you feel your baby move sooner or later than 18 weeks?

Picking out baby names

Selecting a name for your baby is something both parents often do together and can be a fun activity. It may take awhile to find just the right first and middle name for your baby, but today there are hundreds of baby name websites to help make this task a bit easier.

Re-connecting with your own mother

It is very common to re-connect with your own mother or to have a desire to connect with her more frequently when you are expecting your own baby. Often being pregnant begins to bring up memories from our own parenting and thinking about how you will parent your own son or daughter.

Planning the baby nursery

Designing the nursery is a fun part of being pregnant. Parents enjoy selecting colors that they want to paint the baby’s room. A popular way to decorate the nursery today is to use a theme. Now purchasing baby furniture is easier than ever since much of it can be done online.

Attending your baby shower

Baby showers are indeed a highlight of pregnancy. All of your friends and family come together and shower the expectant mother with new baby items that both mother and father will need. Showers are also great money-savers for parents too!

Meeting your baby after childbirth

There is nothing like meeting your baby face-to-face at the end of pregnancy! Once the long hours of labor are over and you finally get to hold your precious new baby in your arms, it may be the best highlight of pregnancy of all!

Breastfeeding your baby

Many mothers find that after the initial weeks of learning breastfeeding techniques are behind them, they very much enjoy the quiet time of breastfeeding to bond with their babies.

Did any of your pregnancy highlights make this list? What are some of your top reasons to enjoy pregnancy? Leave a comment here to share with others!