How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy Through Pregnancy

person touching person's belly

Navigating changing stages of life with the one you love is part of being in a life-long relationship. One of the most significant, life-changing stages of life is when children enter the picture. Whether this new stage was decided upon intentionally or came as a bit of a surprise, your relationship will change forever. Keeping a relationship healthy and letting this be a positive and exciting change is completely possible through pregnancy.

Children do mean that life will change and that your relationship might look a little different than it did than when it was just the two of you. Having children does not mean that will be a negative change or one that needs to be lamented. Pregnancy is a miracle, and raising a family together is as well. Pregnancy is a life-giving change and can draw a relationship closer together.

Nature gave us a gift when it decided that you don’t get pregnant and are handed a newborn, but instead have nine months to prepare. Preparations for beginning a family in these nine months can include financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Keeping a focus on using this time of preparation intentionally for your relationship will ensure a healthy bond between the couple is ready to greet the baby when they are welcomed into this world.

Keeping a Relationship Healthy Through Pregnancy

Take advantage of the time afforded to you and your partner before you have a child. In nine months life will look quite different so living with an awareness of each moment together is wise.

Pregnancy is a two person journey, not a solitary journey. Involving the dad in different aspects of the pregnancy is a vital tool in keeping a relationship healthy through pregnancy. Reading together about changes going on in both the mom’s and baby’s body is a way for him to experience developments. Taking childbirth classes helps him know his role in the process. His willingness and availability to talk about difficulties, names, excitement, and other parts of pregnancy helps the mother to know she is not alone on this journey.

Staying devoted to making time together through this season of life is important as well. Regular date nights keep a relationship strong and the spark alive through pregnancy. If structured date nights can’t happen, it can be as simple as a walk together or eating breakfast together. The focus of spending time together regularly where you can share what is going on in life is the important part.

Open communication during pregnancy is vital for a healthy relationship through this process. Having both spouses willing to talk through the changing relationship dynamics or difficulties associated with pregnancy will help a relationship weather changing seasons. A woman might need extra love through hormone swings and body image struggles. The man might need to feel free to vocalize fears of being a father, demands of work, or desires of the relationship.

Relationships Can Get Stronger Through Pregnancy

Healthy relationships are built on love, trust, shared activities, and honesty. Making sure that these aspects are as much a part of your relationship (and maybe more so) throughout pregnancy as they were before will help. Pregnancy and the anticipated arrival of the baby is an exciting time that has potential to draw you closer together. Use this time together for good. Be intentional about how you spend your time together, and these nine months will fly by as you prepare to start a family.