Pregnancy and Stress The Effects of Stress During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy and stress often go hand-in-hand for many women. Aside from worrying about the actual labor and safety of the unborn baby, a lot of pregnant women also worry about the financial aspects of pregnancy. While some stress during pregnancy is to be expected, high levels of stress and chronic stress can be especially dangerous.

The Dangers of Pregnancy and Stress

High stress levels and chronic stress can pose serious health risks for the unborn baby during pregnancy. Preterm labor and low birth weights are the two most common dangers associated with stress during pregnancy. Stress is also believed to be one of the factors that may play a role in miscarriage. Being aware of situations that may be overly stressful, such as divorce or death, can be an essential key to preventing the dangers of pregnancy and stress.

Coping With Stress During Pregnancy

To prevent the dangers of pregnancy and stress, women should pay attention to their bodies. Realizing when the body is overly stressed is essential to preventing it from affecting the unborn baby. Finding ways to cope with high levels of stress while pregnant is also important.

  • Rest whenever the body feels drained or tired.
  • Eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Also be sure to take any vitamin supplements that are recommended by a health care provider. Vitamins and nutrients can help keep the immune system strong, which is important during this time.
  • Get permission from the doctor to exercise regularly during pregnancy. Pregnancy and stress can cause preterm labor and low birth weights, but exercise has been shown to prevent both of these problems.
  • Reduce stress during pregnancy by going for a prenatal massage. Note that most spas will not give massages to pregnant women until their second trimester, as first trimester massages are believed to be linked to miscarriage.
  • Quit any habits that may be driven by stress, such as smoking or drinking. Replace these habits with other methods of stress reduction, such as yoga or listening to music.
  • To prevent the dangers of pregnancy and stress, avoid people and situations that tend to cause stress.
  • Talk about the problem to the person who is the main source of stress, whether it is a partner, friend, or family member.
  • Consider talking to a therapist if stress during pregnancy persists.

Pregnancy and stress can be a very dangerous combination. Finding ways to manage stress during this time is essential to the health of the unborn baby. Taking care of both the body and mind are the best things that women can do during their pregnancies.