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You will find pregnancy diet tips, how to interview a care provider, info on prenatal testing and even writing a birth plan. Follow your baby's development and get helpful reminders for each week of pregnancy. Our most popular articles include identifying the signs of miscarriage and ways to induce labor. If you are concerned about labor, learn how to identify signs of labor, facts about induction and how to avoid a cesarean. Newest research includes the use of omega-3 fish oil in pregnancy, testing for preterm labor and saving your baby's cord blood. If you have just had your baby, be sure to look for help with breastfeeding and postpartum adjustment and how to lose pregnancy weight.

Step by step pregnancy guide

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Welcome to Step by Step Pregnancy Guide.  It is our goal to make you feel more at ease and comfortable with the changes that will be happening with your body and baby over the next 40 weeks of your pregnancy.

We will take you step by step through each week of your pregnancy, from conception to birth.  You will be able to see, with our graphics, and understand the changes that your growing baby is going through on a weekly basis from embryo throughout their 40 week development.  This is a wondrous time for you whether it be your first baby or third.  Our pregnancy week by week guide is designed to be there with you on this joyous journey.  We want you to feel confident that the changes you are experiencing with your body are normal and exciting.

We will take you through morning sickness to nesting, along with healthy eating and exercise to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.  We are excited that you are here as we want you to feel wonderful about the changes you are going through with weekly step by step information through this amazing journey to motherhood.

We do want to express that it is of the utmost importance that you keep your regular visits with your OB/GYN as to ensure both you and your baby are healthy throughout your pregnancy which is the most important thing of all.

Now, click on week one and start your journey with us.

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