Pregnancy and Labor Acupressure


Acupressure Can Naturally Induce Labor, Help Lessen Pain & Nausea

Natural childbirth is a stressful, long and painful process for many women, but induction has its own risks, including shock and side effects for mother and baby. A new practice known as labor acupressure is an increasingly popular way to induce labor naturally, relieve pain, and ease the process of childbirth. Acupressure can also be used during pregnancy to relieve nausea and anxiety.

What is Maternity Acupressure?

Pregnancy acupressure massage is a gentle technique based on the same ancient system as acupuncture – Traditional Chinese Medicine (commonly known as TCM). Acupressure is like acupuncture, and can be just as effective, but it is done without the needles.

Acupressure uses non-invasive touches, tapping and holding on key energy points to support the body in establishing balance and healing. Acupressure is used more often than ever during pregnancy and labor because it can give immediate benefits without any side effects and does not interfere with other treatments or conditions.

Acupressure can be used to:

How Labor Acupressure Works

Acupressure is based on the ancient healing wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Like acupuncture, it works to regulate the flow of “chi” or energy through the meridians – invisible pathways through which life force travels, providing energy to every organ and system in the human body.

When the chi or energy is blocked, slowed, or moving too quickly through certain meridian pathways, it can indicate or cause imbalance in the related parts of the body. So any disease, discomfort, or condition can be treated by helping the energy flow through the meridians in healthier ways.

In labor acupressure, this means applying gentle touch or pressure to the meridian points that stimulate the uterus and naturally induce labor. Other points can be used to relieve labor pains, speed up contractions, or reduce the mother’s stress and anxiety during childbirth.

Pregnancy acupressure can also be used at any time before labor begins to help balance the mother’s hormones and improve her own and the baby’s health, comfort, and emotional well-being. Acupressure is often used in energy psychology techniques that use the Chinese energy meridians to heal emotional and psychological trauma, and acupuncture can also be used during pregnancy to alleviate the mother’s stress, improve her body image and self-esteem, and help her plan ahead for a quick and easy labor.


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