Signs that baby is getting enough

woman and baby lying on bed

If you are breastfeeding, how can you tell whether your baby is getting enough to eat? What are signs of a satisfied baby?

One of the biggest concerns new moms have is whether there baby is eating enough and getting enough breast milk. Breastfeeding can be more difficult since you can’t see the number of ounces going in!

Here are some signs that will tell you if your baby is getting enough breast milk to eat:

  1. Your milk has come in by day 3-6.
  2. Baby is breastfeeding at least every 2 hours in every 24 hours.
  3. By the end of the first week, your baby has about 6-8 wet diapers and several loose stools every day.
  4. When you nurse, you can hear frequent swallowing after the milk “lets down,” (If your milk is letting down, you typically feel a tingling sensation and milk often flows out of the side you are not nursing on) followed by several periods of swallowing throughout the feeding.
  5. Your baby falls asleep after nursing for 10-45 minutes.
  6. Your baby seems satisfied after feedings and is not continuing to root or suck.
  7. Your breasts feel softer and lighter after feedings.
  8. Baby’s bowel movements have turned yellow by the 5th day.
  9. Baby gained his/her birth weight by 2 weeks postpartum.

In rare cases, you may need to have the pediatrician weigh your baby to be sure he/she is gaining weight appropriately. Just remember to listen to your gut and watch for the signs of a satisfied baby and you will soon be able to tell when your baby is getting enough.

What was the best way that you figured out your baby was getting enough? Share it.