Top Things to Avoid in Pregnancy


The latest information about the top substances to avoid during pregnancy and why.

Top Thing to Avoid During Pregnancy – rahegoControversy still exists about safe amounts of alcohol, caffeine and hair treatments used during pregnancy. What does the latest research say about their safety?

Here are the top substances to avoid during pregnancy and why they are harmful:

1. X-Rays and Pregnancy

What happens if you inadvertantly have a routine x-ray during your pregnancy? Find out more about the safety versus risks of x-rays.

2. Drinking while Pregnant?

Some mothers have admitted to drinking small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy. What does alcohol do to babies and is there a safe amount?

3. Secondary Smoke and Pregnancy

Less is known about the effects of secondary smoke on the unborn baby. What should a mother do to reduce her baby’s risks from secondary smoke?

4. Acetaminophen safe for pregnancy?

A recent recall on this pain reliever may affect its safety for the mother-to-be. What should mothers do about taking acetaminophen and other OTC medications?

5. The Truth about Caffeine

A pregnant woman might need to re-consider her routine of having several cups of gourmet coffee a day. Is caffeine safe? Find out more.

6. Foods to Avoid

Cheese, fish and artificial sweeteners top the list of the most problematic foods for pregnant moms. What do you need to know about eating them if you are expecting?

7. Hair Colors and Highlights

Can you get a perm while pregnant? What about highlights? Or even sitting in the salon? Find out what is the best way to reduce hair treatment chemicals from affecting your baby!