AZMED Maternity Belt Review

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During the period of pregnancy, your knowledge and understanding of the things you need is very crucial. If not sure whether you need to budget for something at this time, we strongly recommend consulting the right health expert.

One of the products you may need, especially when soon due to give birth is a maternity belt. A maternity belt helps in carrying your baby’s weight and that consequently ease the discomfort you may be experiencing, such as pelvic pains and lower backaches.

AZMED Maternity Belt

AZMED Maternity Belt

Provides gentle compression in the abdominal area and helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy by supporting your baby bump. made from soft and lightweight materials, nobody will even notice you’re wearing one.

With all sorts of pregnancy bands in the market, in this piece, we will be reviewing a belt made by AZMED. AZMED is a well-known brand in supporting pregnant women during pregnancy and beyond.

What makes this belt unique?

Reduce pregnancy discomfort

You won’t regret dropping some cash for this belt. It is designed to ease pregnancy discomfort by cradling your abdomen and gently compressing it. You will find it very helpful when looking to relieve pelvic pain, lower backaches, and bladder problems from carrying the growing bump.

It is also effective in relieving spinal pressure hence preventing back strains while standing up, sitting down, or exercising.  If you love to work out, wear it before you start your routine.


Wraps well around your belly and closes on with a system made from hooks and Velcro.

Correct your posture

Maintaining good posture during pregnancy is very crucial. However, that may not be possible, especially when nearing the third trimester.  The AZMED pregnancy belt is not only designed to correct your posture by also to help you maintain the right posture. Not only that, but you will also find this belt very useful beyond pregnancy.

Made of a breathable fabric 

If you like to keep your workout routine, chances are you will sweat when exercising. The breathable fabric used transfers heat and moisture hence keeping your belly from sweating.


It can fit up to 46 inches of a bump. That means you can use it comfortably from the fourth month all the way to postpartum. 


This belt is designed from fabric that feels good against your skin. So, no need to worry about skin irritation and other discomforts caused by rough fabric. 

Machine washable 

You can toss it in your machine and watch it as it gets cleaned. Alternatively, use your hand to clean it. It is not dryer-friendly. Let it air dry. 


  • Breathable fabric keeps your belly from sweating while working out or just walking around in a hot weather
  • Corrects poor pregnancy posture 
  • Provide excellent support and enough pressure to ease different pregnancy pains
  • It is one size fits all. No need replacing it as your bump grows bigger.  
  • Wearable beyond pregnancy.
  • Has a 2-inch Velcro strap that makes the band very adjustable. You can put it on without anyone’s help
  • Alleviates several types of pain and can be worn during the night
  • It’s quite affordable
  • It comes in a nude color that will pass unnoticed when worn under the clothes
  • Machine washable


  • A few have stated that it is difficult to put on yourself
  • Some women have reported that it causes skin irritation and itchiness
  • Not ideal for babies that sit “high” in the belly
  • Not friendly for big bellies
  • It might roll down when sitting down and standing up
  • Some say that the Velcro feels uncomfortable when worn directly on the skin

The bottom line

The AZMED pregnancy belt is a unique belt that you will really love throughout your pregnancy and beyond. It very comfortable, easy to wear, and does a decent job in easing pregnancy discomfort despite the few drawbacks. Give it a try!

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