Here’s Our Top 5 Best Electric Breast Pump of 2021

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If you are in the market for the best electric breast pump, you may be wondering which pump will address your needs well. We are here to help you purchase a pump that does the job efficiently and comfortably. Read on to learn more.

Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA S1Plus Electric Breast Pump

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The Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump is designed to bring confidence and comfort in every moment of expressing milk. It is a premium model from Spectra Baby (a company owned and run by moms) and boasts of its innovative features.

Spectra Baby does make sure this pump has all a breastfeeding mom want. It has a detachable cord, which makes it highly portable. Its customizable settings further make it easy to operate it when extracting milk. Finally, its closed system makes sure you never have to worry about the hygiene of the narrow tubing. This is because 100% of the expressed milk ends up in the storage containers.

The only downside is that you will have to part with some good cash to afford it.


  1. Closed system
  2. Customizable settings 
  3. Excellent mobility 


  1. Very costly
SOMEK Single Breast Milk

SOMEK Single Breast Milk

Portable breastfeeding pump, touch screen lcd display 9 levels suction, super-quiet, usb rechargeable fda, bpa-free

If you cannot afford Spectra S1 Plus, Cornetto Electric Breast Pump offers you the same experience at a lower price. It is highly mobile and has a powerful battery which can last up to 90 minutes of pumping time.

With three set programs: message, auto, and expression, you can select your preferred mode any time in the mood of expressing milk. The other notable thing about this pump is that it is made from food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic. The closed system makes sure the narrow tubing remains clean.

The only downside is that the three-set programs are not customizable. You cannot adjust the speed and pressure beyond choosing the mode.


  1. Mimics baby’s sucking action
  2. Closed system
  3. Easy to use
  4. Extremely mobile 


  1. Can’t customize pressure, set modes only
  2. One size of “flange” – breast shield – only
AnGeer Electric Breast Pump

AnGeer Electric Breast Pump

The Petal Shaped Comfort Massage Pad improves milk flow, It’s mom’s good helper. It easy to solve the pain of rising milk, milk storage, child milk moss problem.

Weighing in at barely over a pound, this pump by AnGeer does the job efficiently and comfortably. You can tuck it away in a bag for expressing milk on the go.

It is designed from food-grade silicone and BPA-free materials. So no worries about chemical leaching into the milk. The pump is very quiet during operation. Hence a perfect option if you don’t want to disturb your baby while expressing. Besides, you can adjust the pressure yourself to your liking. 


  1. Small and compact
  2. Very quiet
  3. Fun and easy to use design 


  1. Quite basic design
  2. Can’t change the breast shield size
RoCa Futures Portable Electric Breast Pump

RoCa Futures Portable Electric Breast Pump

Compact, easy to operate single pump for travel. multiple settings for comfort & effective milk flow. usb powered, ultra-light, ideal for travel

A product of RoCa, this pump is an upgrade from the previous model, thanks the company listened to feedback. Although small and compact, it is not good to note it is not that portable in the same way as others on this list. 

It is designed from BPA free materials and has a massage cushion in the breast guard that provides a comfortable feeling when expressing. This pump lacks a battery pack, so it must be plugged in to operate it.


  1. Simple to use
  2. Comfortable pad 
  3. Easy to clean 


  1. One-size breast pad 
  2. Not wireless
Electric Double Breast Pump Eccomum Breastfeeding Pump

Electric Double Breast Pump Eccomum Breastfeeding Pump

Double breast pump design can suckle more efficiently and give more breast milk( 80-300mmHg) in less time. It can save up to 80% of your time than the general pump, it is really important for new moms. Soft massage silicone pad will imitate the baby’s sucking rhythm, provide a soft and warm feeling.

Spend less and get more. Eccomum Intelligent Breast Pump is designed to offer you more for just splashing out a few dollars. First, it offers you ten levels of suction, and its easy-to-use interface makes adjusting pressure and cycling through the modes a simple task.

The built-in battery makes this device truly portable. The BPA-free plastic makes sure you never have to worry about chemicals leaching into the milk. Additionally, it is remarkably quiet too so you can use it while your baby snoozes in your lap.


  1. Adjustable pressure
  2. Affordable 
  3. Closed system
  4. Easy to use


  1. Not the highest grade of construction

Wrap up

We are all about saving money on baby gears. The above electric breast pumps, although some are costlier than others are worth an investment. All do a decent job and designed with breasting moms in mind.  We recommend you re-read this piece before making purchase.

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