BUENAVO Maternity Support Belt Review

BUENAVO Maternity Support Belt

If you are in the market for the best maternity belt, you may be wondering which belt will address your needs well. You can skip the annoying pregnancy discomfort that kicks in as your belly grows by purchasing the BUENAVO Maternity Support Belt.

BUENAVO Maternity Support Belt

BUENAVO Maternity Support Belt

BUENAVO elastic pregnancy belt stretches to fit your natural curves and is easily adjustable throughout your pregnancy. It stretches up easily to 48 inches.

This belt is designed to support your abdomen and back during pregnancy, allowing you to go about your normal activity without any discomfort. Whether struggling with hip, abdominal, or back pain due to the extra weight, you will not regret having this belt in the house.

What makes it a must-have 

Act as a pelvic girdle

This belt is designed to reduce any risks of injury while offering you comfort and relief from the discomfort associated with pregnancy. For example, it reduces the pressure felt in your pelvic and abdomen.  By just looking at its numerous positive reviews, it is clear this belt does a decent job.

Support your spine and abdominal muscles 

It eases the discomforts that come when the muscles on the abdomen split. It also comes in handy in protecting your spine.

Very adjustable 

Easily stretch to 48 inches; thus, you can wear it from the start of the second trimester through to delivery. Its Velcro straps further make it possible for you to adjust it as progress in your pregnancy. You can also wear it after delivery when recovering. 


Made from an elastic material this belt is great at easing pressure on your bladder and pelvis. It also helps with proper blood circulation as you go about with your daily activities.

Easy to put on

Wearing this belt is a breeze. However, you may need help with putting it on as your bump gets bigger. In addition, it is comfortable to wear it all day and under your clothes.

Breathable material

This material keeps you cool and does not hurt your skin in any way. In case, you have sensitive skin, consider wearing it over a tank top.


  • Can also be worn under your garments without looking bulky.
  • Breathable fabric that keeps you cool when working, exercising, or relaxing.
  • Made from premium-quality materials and is available in beige and black.
  • Stretches up to 48 inches without losing its firmness.
  • Provides great support for your spine, pelvis, abdomen, waist, and hips. It also eases bladder and pelvic pressure.
  • Very adjustable. It is wearable from the start of your pregnancy until delivery and beyond.
  • The Velcro closure won’t irritate or scratch your skin.


  • Must be washed by hand, which can be tedious.
  • The band can slide out of place if you have a smaller baby belly or a shorter torso
  • Some moms-to-be have said they had trouble doing up the Velcro straps by themselves
  • Some women have wished the belt was a bit longer than 48 inches as they grew much bigger

The bottom line

Buy this maternity belt today and never worry about the unavoidable pain, discomfort, and pressure as pelvic shifts and the belly grows throughout pregnancy. It is easy to wear, reasonably priced, and provides the support you need to go about your daily activities. It is simply a purchase worth every penny!  

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