Can You Sleep with a Maternity Belt On?

woman sleeping on blue throw pillow

To ease some pains and discomforts that come with pregnancy, you may be asked by your doctor to wear a maternity belt. A maternity belt plays a significant role in easing the pain in the lower back, joints, and muscles as the pelvic ligaments become loose, especially during the second and third trimester. This belt further makes it possible for you to sit, walk, and exercise comfortably. But can you sleep with it on?

Can you sleep with a maternity belt on?

Well, while some people say it is ok to sleep with it on, we recommend you consult your doctor as your situation may be different. Most pregnancy belt companies advise against wearing them during sleep. Generally, health experts advise wearing pregnancy belts for a limited number of hours per day (2-3 hours).

Cautions on wearing pregnancy belts

Avoid wearing belts that are too tight as they may cause more discomfort and affect the growing baby.

Wear your belt for recommended hours. Overdoing may weaken your body muscles and hurt your health. For example, cause high blood pressure, indigestions, heartburn due to poor blood circulation.

If you love wearing fitting clothes, a maternity belt may not be for you as it will bulge under your clothes. Sometimes it may become visible. Consider wearing loose clothing when it is on.

Sleeping during pregnancy

If struggling to sleep during pregnancy (most pregnant women find it challenging to sleep), you will find these tips very helpful:

Sleeping position

Sleep on your side, if possible, your left. When sleeping on your side, you aid blood and nutrients flow for the baby. Additionally, this helps your kidney remove waste and body fluids. Also, this helps reduce swelling of the hands, legs, and feet.

Get a pregnancy pillow

If you find it challenging to position yourself well when sleeping, drop a few cash for a quality pregnancy pillow. A good maternity pillow will surely help you nap comfortably by positioning your growing bump well.

Wrapping up

Sleeping with a maternity belt is not a good idea unless your doctor recommends so. Wearing it for 2-3 hours per day is enough to ease the pain and discomfort that will emerge as your belly continue to expand. 

Instead of wearing it to sleep, consider getting a good pregnancy pillow. It will position yourself well when sleeping. 

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