Dream Premium Pregnancy Pillow Review

NiDream Bedding Premium Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped

While pregnancy is a good thing, most women will tell you how they struggle to get a good sleep as their beautiful bumps continue to grow. To most, they find it challenging to find a perfect sleeping position in the second and third trimesters. Luckily there is a way to combat this issue – snug up on Dream Premium Pregnancy Pillow.

This pillow is designed to support you during pregnancy. It makes sure you rest more comfortably. It also helps you avoid sleeping positions that can hurt the growing baby.

Who is this pillow for?

NiDream Bedding Premium Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped

While expectant moms need this pillow more, it is designed for almost everyone. The pillow makes sure expectant women rest more comfortably at any time they need good rest. New moms can also use it for comfort, especially when nursing. People suffering from neck or back pain also need it to ease the pain.   

What makes it a must-have?

Its great features make it an essential item during pregnancy:

Right size 

55in x 31in x 7 in, weighs 6.5 pounds and offers 60° full-body support. It does make sure your tummy and back are well supported. Suitable when lying down and sitting.

Made from quality material

It is made of 100% cotton, which is used for the cover. The cover is easily removed and machine washable. The lining is made from 60 non-woven fabric and filled with hollow fiber filling. 

30-day money back

If not happy, the 30-day money-back policy protects you. 

Safe for everyone

You don’t have to be an expectant or new mom to use this pillow. It is also perfect for anyone looking to ease painful back and neck pain.

How to get the most out of it?

NiDream Bedding Premium Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped

It is straightforward to use this pillow. Just place it where you would like to use it and get comfortable. It will form itself according to your body’s natural curves. When you purchase your pillow, it may come with some funny smell, so consider washing the cover.


If you prefer something more rectangular to support your tummy and back, the CustomSleeping pregnancy will not disappoint. It is made of high-quality materials and filled with foam that is combined with soft gel fibers. Additionally, this cushion is machine washable and dryer friendly. The only downside is that you will have to part with more cash to purchase it.

The bottom line

Say goodbye to uncomfortable nights during pregnancy by buying this premium pillow from Dream. It is by far better than other U-shaped, fully body pillows on the market and it is reasonably priced. Besides, it is designed to be used beyond pregnancy. 

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