Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump Review

Breastfeeding moms who travel a lot or spend most of their time away from their babies will tell you how annoying it is to carry a huge breast pump. Fortunately, there is one breast pump that fits in almost all bags (even the smallest), and we are here to tell you more about it: Silicone Manual Breast Pump.

These manual pumps are ideal when traveling. They are portable, affordable, easy to clean, and can be tucked away in any bag. Besides, they are an excellent backup when your electric pump cannot be charged.

Who is this product for?

Silicone Manual Breast Pump Review

They are ideal for breastfeeding moms that won’t express milk every day. They also come in handy in case you are not in a position to charge your electric pump. Moms who travel a lot will also find these pumps very reliable.  

What is included?

These are very basic breast pumps and come in a pack of two: 2x Breast suction collection bottles and 2x lids.

Key features

They are made of BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free materials. So no harmful chemicals to contaminate the milk.

Tight and anti-dust lid that make sure no dust gets into the collected milk.

Compact and lightweight hence ideal when travelling.

Flexible bottles so they will not break easily. This flexibility also allows you to squeeze the bottles to get the suction going.

How to get the most of it?

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

For the best experience with these pumps, always make sure they are clean and sterilized before use. That way, you can be sure milk will not be contaminated. Cleaning and sterilizing also prolong the lifespan of your pumps. Once you place the pump to the nipple, squeeze the pump swiftly in succession around five times and then keep it still for around three seconds. This is required to get the sucking action going. Repeat this until you collect the desired amount of milk. 

What are the alternatives?

If more comfortable with technologically advanced breast pumps but not ready to spend more, then the Somek single electric breast pump is a better option. It is affordable, has nine settings, a massage mode, and great value for money.

The bottom line 

These small breast pumps are ideal in many ways. They are a good option when traveling, are power independent, and can be used to collect letdown from the other breast while the child is still feeding. Most importantly, they will not break your bank and are highly recommended. 

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