How Tight Should a Maternity Belt Be?

Maternity Belt

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At one point, while pregnant, you will need a maternity belt. You may also buy one for a friend. Pregnancy belts are recommended as they help ease pain and discomfort that comes with pregnancy. 

But as much as these belts are heaven-sent, the question “how tight should they be” keeps on bothering many pregnant women. In this article, we answer this and many other related questions. 

Size of the belt

The size of a maternity belt is very crucial. If the size is wrong, there are chances you and your baby will be hurt. Not only that, but it is also possible the belt may worsen the discomfort and drain your energy. That is not something you want. So, it crucial to get the right size.

Here are some guidelines to remember when buying a pregnancy belt:

Your present weight

Some pregnancy belts are sold by what your current weight is. They range from small to large. We recommend buying a bigger one as your bump will keep growing. That way, you don’t have to worry about too much pressure as your bump gets bigger. If you grow too much, make sure to replace it.


Some models are sold by inches. This means you have to take measurements to buy the right size. If you are looking for a belt you can wear over your garments, remember to add some inches to the size you are buying. 

Velcro straps

Do these straps allow you to adjust the tightness of your belt as your belly grows? For the best experience, settle for a belt with adjustable Velcro straps.

Dress sizes 

Some brands use dress sizes to guide you in choosing the right belt. However, pay keen attention to the instructions as they usually ask for pre-pregnancy dress size and it could get tricky

How tight isn’t too tight?

If you care about your health and that of your baby, this question is likely to give you sleepless nights. The truth is, if your belt is not causing any discomfort (such as pain), your baby is also ok. So, the moment your belt starts causing any form of discomfort, stop using it immediately.

If you get a high-quality belt and wear it well, you will never be bothered by it hurting you and your baby. We also enjoin you to buy a belt you can wear on different occasions and places. For example, one designed from breathable fabric is ideal for you if you leave in warm places and when working out.  Finally, make sure to go for the next size if you feel the current size is too tight.

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