How Tight Should a Postpartum Girdle Be?

Postpartum Girdle

After childbirth, your doctor may advise you to wear a postpartum girdle. Also known as postpartum wrap, abdomen binder, or band, a postpartum girdle is tight around the abdomen to support lower back muscles and to speed up the recovery process. 

But how tight should it be?

If you cannot breathe well and feel uncomfortable, then it is too tight. It should be moderately tight. Not too tight and not too loose. This can also be affected by the shape of the belt. Some abdomen binders are in the shape of a bodysuit, and others are made thick fabric wrapped around your middle and fastened with snaps or Velcro.

Why do you need a postpartum girdle?

Relief abdomen and lower back pain

Lower back pains are common in about two-thirds of women who give birth. You experience the lower back pain because, after childbirth, the lower back needs to compensate for the weak abdomen muscles and that where a postpartum girdle comes in.

Speeds up the recovery process

The advantage of wearing an abdominal wrap after childbirth is that it helps you regain your waistline faster. Keep in mind that when you have a baby, you will be left with some sagging muscles and loose skin. With the help of a postpartum girdle, your skin and muscles will be back to normal within a short period.

Bring back the uterus to its normal position

Again, an abdominal wrap helps your over-stretched uterus regain its usual shape. After childbirth, your uterus will be about 500 times bigger. When you tight a postpartum belt around your abdomen, it helps bring it back into its place, speed up the process by increasing the blood flow. 

Help you resume an active life

If looking to resume your active life after childbirth, for example, go back to your routine workout, a postpartum wrap will help you. It will support your weaker abdominal muscles, allowing you to do your workout as usual.

In fact, studies have revealed that women who resume their physical exercise soon after childbirth are able to reinstate the strength in their core. A good band tight around your abdomen makes it easier to return your routine and maintain the right pace.

Bonus! The common treatments for diastasis recti include physical exercise, and with the aid of a postpartum wrap, this can be a painless process.

Overall, a postpartum wrap speeds up the entire recovery process by enhancing blood flow in the tight area. When blood flows well, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the abdominal area speeding up the natural healing process. Make sure to wear a high-quality postpartum girdle that tight you gently for the best experience.

Key benefits of wearing a postpartum wrap

  • Supports lower back muscles
  • Speeds up the recovery process
  • Provides support for exercises 
  • Increases confidence as it can be put on under the clothes, helping you feel slimmer and look better in your favorite garments

Can a tight postpartum wrap be worn in case of a C-section?

Most women who underwent C-sections experience a painful recovery for up to 6 weeks. At this time, their bodies feel loose and out place, and that why everything they do feel painful. A postpartum girdle keeps everything in place by providing support to abdominal muscles and the lower back. That way, you won’t feel loose and hanging anymore.

Additionally, a postpartum wrap will fortify your posture, improving your breathing. This is because your lungs will have more space to expand when you stand straight or sit.

As long as it is not too tight, a postpartum girdle is a must-have support if looking to resume your normal routine as soon as possible.

Pro tips

  • Always consult your doctors concerning when you should start using a girdle and if it is necessary to wear one. 
  • Always drop your dollars for the high-quality girdles. 
  • Get a smaller size if you notice the current one is becoming loose.


Worn the right way a postpartum girdle will go a long way into helping you recover fast, enjoy your daily routines, and in bringing the uterus back to its position. In a nutshell, you will benefit a lot by wearing a postpartum belt after baby delivery.      

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