How to Clean a Breast Pump Tubing Mold

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Do you clean your breast pump thoroughly? Do you always check if there is mold in the tube? It is unfortunate that some moms don’t clean their breast pump tubes properly, putting the lives of their babies at stake. This is very dangerous as some mold or chemical in the tubing could get in the milk. We have prepared this piece to guide you on how to clean breast pump tubing.

What is the tubing?


Commonly known as the Medela tubing, tubing of a breast pump is how milk flows from the breast into a container or bottles. Often this tubing is made from plastic and is very flexible.

It is an essential part of a breast pump (aids in the suction of the milk from the breast to the bottle), and considering milk can get stuck inside, it is crucial to clean it thoroughly and keep it clean all the time.

Why does mold appear

Mold grow and thrive in humid places. If you don’t clean the tubes of your pump well, you create a conducive environment for mold to grow. Mold can put the life of your baby at stake, so you may want to make sure your pump tubing is mold-free.

To prevent mold build-up, clean your tube at least once per day if expressing milk several times a day. If not expressing milk often, it is ok to clean the tube once in a while to stop the mold from appearing. If by any chance mold appears, we recommend trashing the tube and getting a new one. These tubes are very cheap and available in many stores and even online. 

Having an extra one in the house is a good idea in case you need to extract milk urgently and don’t have time to clean the dirty one.

How to clean it?

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It is effortless to clean the tubing of your breast pump, and it involves three steps: washing, sterilizing, and drying.


Make sure the tube is on its own when washing it. Wash it like you wash the other utensils. We recommended using soaps recommended to clean baby items. Rinse the tubing thoroughly.


There are various ways to sterilize your tubing. Most people prefer to place the tubing in a pan of boiling water and leaving it for 10 minutes. Others prefer to use a dishwasher. If you use a dishwasher, make sure there is no soap in it, and it is on a hot water cycle. 

Alternatively, fill a bag of hot water, place the tube, seal it, and then place it into a microwave for 3 minutes. 


There are two recommended ways of drying the tube. You can either hang the tube in a warm room or place it on a dry towel and wait for it to dry naturally. Both approaches are very effective.

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