How to Prevent and Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

Ugly Stretch Mark Prevention, Treatment, Removal for Pregnant Women

Stretch marks are a common occurrence during pregnancy. In fact, the great majority of women develop some stretch marks on their skin when they are pregnant since the collagen and elastin in their skin is stretched as the baby grows. The good news is that there are options for preventing, treating, and removing stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Prevention

Are there strategies for a pregnant woman to prevent stretch marks? The results of some research studies suggest that there might be ways to reduce the number and severity of stretch marks by applying stretch marks lotions and creams to keep skin soft and supple. The most effective method for a woman to prevent or reduce stretch marks, however, is to maintain a healthy weight throughout pregnancy by eating well and exercising.

Stretch Marks Treatment with Creams and Other Products

Several stretch mark products, including creams and oils, are on the market. Many of these products claim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks or eliminate them altogether. Potential buyers should beware, however, that most of these stretch mark products do not deliver on their promises. A woman should do her research to find out the efficacy of a product before purchasing it.

Stretch Marks Removal with Laser Treatment and Microdermabrasion

More drastic options for stretch mark treatment and removal are available. These include laser procedures and microdermabrasion.

Laser treatments encourage collagen and elastin growth, which can help make stretch marks fade. Recovery time after an out-patient laser treatment procedure is negligible.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that blows tiny crystals at the skin, gently removing the skin’s outermost layer and promoting new skin growth.

Stretch Marks Will Fade

Pregnant women can take some comfort in knowing that stretch marks will gradually fade over time. Marks will fade naturally even if a woman does nothing to encourage or aid this process. Women may consider purchasing a stretch mark cream or cover-up designed to moisturize the skin and camouflage stretch marks in the meantime. It is important to note that a woman should check with her doctor about the safety of any product before use, especially if she is currently pregnant.

Transforming a Woman’s Ideas about Stretch Marks

Pregnant women are often much more concerned and sensitive about what they perceive to be their ugly stretch marks than their spouse, partner, or other people usually are. It may also help a pregnant woman to remember that stretch marks are evidence of the beautiful miracle she is bringing into the world. There are various stretch mark prevention and treatment strategies that a woman can explore. Nevertheless, stretch marks will naturally fade on their own over time.

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