How to Sterilize a Breast Pump with Boiling Water

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A breast pump is a good item to have in the house but not cleaning it well can turn it to a bad master. Considering it comes into contact with your baby often, it is essential to keep it clean all the time. Sterilization makes sure your breast pump is cleanest as it can be. 

What is sterilization?

How to Sterilize a Breast Pump with Boiling Water

Sterilization is more than the usual cleaning. When you sterilize, you completely destroy and eradicate all the organisms and their spores. This means your breast pump will be spotless after sterilization, and that is something you should always strive to achieve if you truly value the health of your baby.

Why sterilize your breast pump?

A breast pump is a unique product and one that means a lot to the health of your baby. Sterilizing remove any environment for mold to grow. This also destroys and eradicate germs that could find their way into your baby’s milk. If you familiarize yourself well with how a breast pump work, you will understand why it crucial to clean and sterilize it thoroughly.

How to sterilize your breast pump? 

How to Sterilize a Breast Pump with Boiling Water 1

While there are various ways to sterilize a breast pump, in this piece, we shall focus on one effective and yet affordable way of sterilizing–that of boiling the pump in hot water.

Please note that before you boil your pump in hot water, you need to clean it completely and check if there is any left-over milk or reside. You also need to rinse each part thoroughly.

  1. To sterilize your pump, take a big pan of boiling water and add all of the individual pieces of the pump, and cover. 
  2. Leave them to simmer for about 10 minutes and then take it off the heat. Remove the parts and transfer them to a clean and dry towel. It is recommended to use tongs. Avoid touching them with your hands. 
  3. Leave them to dry in bacteria-free place.

Breast pump wipes also come in handy, especially when not in the comfort of your own home or when on the go. So if not in a position to boil the parts of your pump, consider purchasing these wipes. They do a decent job of keeping your pump bacteria-free.

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