How to Wear a Maternity Belt?

Maternity Belt

Pregnancy belts are designed to cradle your belly during pregnancy. They are wrapped around the abdomen to ease the pain and discomfort that comes with the growing bump. They lift up the abdomen and ease the pressure at the lower back, muscles, and joints. 

But how to wear a maternity belt? Keep reading to learn more about how to wear your belt for the best experience.

How to properly wear a pregnancy support belt?

Follow these steps to wear your pregnancy belt well:

  • Place the pregnancy belt beneath your abdomen; just above the pelvis area.
  • Cover the area with the pregnancy belt using the strap until it meets the other end or side of the strap. Fasten the straps to the belt through the loop and hook Velcro or fastener.
  • Now connect the belt to one side of the maternity pad using the loop and hook fastener. Stretch the pregnancy belt on your back and attach the other side of the belt through the loop and hook clasp.
  • Adjust the position of the fastener system so you can alter the tightness or looseness of the belt.
  • Hook the strap to the higher end of the belt and cover the top of your belly until it spreads to the other side of the belt. Join the strap and correct the pregnancy belt if necessary, to achieve optimal comfort and support.

How not to wear a pregnancy belt?

Worn wrongly, a maternity belt can become very uncomfortable. You should avoid wearing it tightly as that will lead to too much pressure on the abdomen area. Also wear it for just a few hours, 2-3 hours a day are enough. Never wear it when going to bed.

What to consider when buying a maternity belt

If you are in the market for the best pregnancy belt, we recommend you consider the following factors:


Your belt will not be doing an easy task. Easing the pain in the lower back, muscles, and joints is not a joke. It is, therefore, crucial dropping some dollars for a pregnancy belt that will withstand the pressure and stretch it will experience from time to time.

Postpartum use

Can you use the belt after delivery? We recommend you buy a belt you can comfortably use after delivery when recovering.


No doubt you need a belt that supports you fully to the end. Pregnancy belts made from soft material are the best as they feel comfortable to the skin. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to factor that when placing your order.

Inconspicuous under clothes

No one needs to know you have worn a pregnancy belt. Are you comfortable with people noticing you have it on? We doubt you will be happy. Therefore, consider dropping some cash for a belt that is thin and discreet enough. Remember also to wear a loose top. Fitting clothes will obviously show your belt.


A maternity belt is to be worn throughout the pregnancy to relieve pain and discomfort that comes with it. It, therefore, makes sense to settle for the right belt. By considering the above factors, you can be sure to buy the right maternity belt.

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