Is bleeding during pregnancy leads to complications?

After getting pregnant you might face different complications and bleeding during pregnancy is one of them. If a pregnant woman bleeds heavily then this not only lead to anemic condition but chances of getting miscarriage are also high. Bleeding during pregnancy is a common issue which is being face by most of the pregnant women.

Many of the pregnant women go through the bleeding especially in their first trimester which is quite normal. The reason is that placental implantation takes place. According to a medical study for about fifteen to twenty percent of the pregnancies ends in miscarriage.

How do you know that you are with signs of miscarriages?

Vaginal bleeding is one of the main signs and apart from that it could be due to cramping pain which is often felt in the low stomach area. Ectopic pregnancies could also be the cause of bleeding during pregnancy. Is it normal tobleed during pregnancy? Yes, it is normal to bleed during pregnancy only if it is light and in the first trimester. If bleeding exceeds from low to high then it is not a normal sign.

Anemia could be the possible condition which can be linked with bleeding.

Anemia might not be only due to bleeding it is quite natural as well. Most of the pregnant females, suffer from the anemic condition in their first trimesters as they lack the appropriate ratio of iron in the body. Anemia during pregnancy can be controlled by having diet rich of iron.

Why iron? The reason is that iron is the building block of hemoglobin which in turns helps in formation of red blood cells. Iron supplements are also available over the counter that can be purchased for dealing with deficiency of iron in the body. Symptoms of anemia in pregnancy include weakness, tiredness, and dizzy feel. The symptoms might get severe if appropriate iron ratio is not being ingested by the pregnant women.

The Braxon Hicks contractions

Apart from bleeding and getting anemic, there is another major concerning issue and that is Braxton hicks contractions. They are not harmful for the pregnant women and are just meant to practice for the actual delivery. What are Braxton hicks contractions? They are irregular and infrequent in their nature. No doubt, they cause discomfort as you may feel them three to four times in an hour. If contractions are more than four times in an hour then do consult your midwife. Contractions could be ease down by changing positions like having walk and relaxing. Contractions could also due to lack of water or liquid in the body which means dehydration. So, drinking good amount of water can prevent from contractions as well.

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