Jill & Joey Maternity Belt Review

Jill & Joey Maternity Belt

As your belly grows and becomes bigger and bigger, it will add pressure to your back and pelvic, and you are likely to experience some level of discomfort and pain. The pain is likely to increase toward the middle of the second trimester and aggravate when you are about to give birth.

While some pregnant women experience mild pelvic, hip, and abdominal pain, to some, the pain may be intolerable. Maternity belts are designed to ease pains and aches that emerge as the belly gets bigger by day. They also help you carry the extra weight of the pregnancy.

Jill & Joey Maternity Belt

Jill & Joey Maternity Belt

By effectively supporting excess belly weight, our belt reduces spinal pressure which can help relieve pain around your hips, pelvis & back.

The Jill & Joey Maternity Belt comes in handy in providing the much-needed support during pregnancy. It is designed to support your back, abdomen, and to ease the pressure and strain due to the growing baby. It also does a decent job of reducing the swelling in your hands, legs, and feet.

Key features of the Jill & Joey Maternity Belt


Available in one size (45 inches) this belt can be adjusted to fit you well as you get bigger throughout pregnancy. With the help of its Velcro closure, you can apply the right amount of pressure so that you have the best support.

Gentle compression

This belt is designed to provide gentle compression. So, no need to worry about your baby getting injured. And the fact it acts like an extra muscle, be sure it will support your growing bump well.

Breathable fabric 

It is made of cool, soft, and breathable cotton so that you can put it on without getting too hot. If you have sensitive skin, you may have to wear a tank top under the belt to prevent skin rashes. 


Jill & Joey Maternity Belt doesn’t look bulk when worn under your clothing. Besides, no one will tell you have it on as it doesn’t bulge and it can be worn with any cloth. If you have sensitive skin, it is advisable to wear a tank top under it. This belt will make you more comfortable when you need that extra support.


Easy to clean with your hands. Make sure to use the right detergents.


  • Made from breathable and comfortable cotton
  • Relives discomfort and pains such as back, belly, pelvis, and hips pains during pregnancy
  • Can help reduce edema by easing tension and stress in your back
  • Supports your abdomen and back throughout pregnancy
  • Very sizable. It can adjust up to 45 inches so you can have the proper compression needed throughout your pregnancy
  • Offers gentle compression that corrects your posture by holding your back and abdominal muscles in place
  • Easy to put on and take off, thanks to the Velcro band 


  • Women with shorter torso have reported that it rolls up and down
  • Not ideal to wear in very hot climates
  • Some moms-to-be find it difficult to connect at the back

Why wear a maternity belt? 

There are many different reasons why it is advisable to wear a maternity belt during your pregnancy. Basically, it helps you when you:

  • Have discomfort from your sciatica
  • Have back pain
  • Spend more time on your feet during the day
  • Have a hernia
  • Have gained an unexpected amount of weight
  • Are pregnant with twins
  • Are struggling with pelvic pain
  • Have round ligament pain

The bottom line

Will all the benefits this belt offers despite a few cons, there is no doubt you will cherish every moment properly wrapped around your belly. It is a purchase that lasts longer and won’t let you down throughout your pregnancy. Give it a shot! 

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