Maternity Support Belt Pros and Cons

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When your abdomen starts to get bigger as your progress through pregnancy, your doctor may suggest you get a maternity belt to ease pregnancy discomfort. So, what is a maternity belt, and why do you need one?

In simple words, a maternity belt is a type of belt worn around the waist or hip (in most cases from the seconds trimester) to reduce the pain in the lower back, muscles, and joints. It is secured with Velcro beneath the stomach. The common types are the tube top that is pulled over the abdomen and the camisole that provide little support. 

What is maternity belt used for?

Essentially, a maternity belt lifts the abdomen and offers back support by reducing the downward and forward pull of gravity on your stomach. For pregnant women who love working out, the tube top maternity belt reduces the bump of exercise, while the camisole style lessens the friction on the stomach during the first stages of pregnancy.

Bonus! A maternity belt does not entirely relieve back pain. You may also need to rest your body to ease the pain. Visit a doctor if the pain persists.

Benefits of wearing a maternity belt

BUENAVO Maternity Support Belt

Relieves hip pain and SI joint pain

When you are about to give birth, your body does release relaxin which helps stretch and loosen the joints, muscles, and other connective tissues to make labor and delivery comfortable. Since these tissues are looser, the sacroiliac joint (SI joint) in the pelvic area becomes loose, resulting in discomfort. A maternity belt helps support the loosened tissues and the growing bump.

Reduce discomfort while doing physical activities

As your belly continues to grow bigger, it will affect daily activities like working out, concentration, walking, and working. A maternity belt makes sure you continue with your routine by helping carry the weight of your abdomen. 

Supports proper posture during the pregnancy period

Once your core muscles, ligaments, and joints become loose, you will likely struggle to maintain a good posture. With a good pregnancy belt, your joints and muscles will be supported so that you can maintain a proper posture.

Drawbacks of wearing a maternity support belt

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Extra cost during pregnancy

You will have to adjust your budget to own a pregnancy belt. Don’t forget there are other essentials that must be purchased.

Bulky and visible under clothes

If you love tight clothes, you will find a maternity belt very uncomfortable. Most of the time it will bulge under your clothes. 


Despite the few drawbacks, maternity belts are heaven-sent support for pregnant women. Depending on your budget and personal preference, make sure to settle for one that provides the support and comfort you need. 

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