NUVU BABY Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Sleeping like a baby during pregnancy is not always guaranteed without a good pregnancy pillow. Ask any woman who has been pregnant, and she will tell you how challenging it is to find a perfect sleeping position, especially in the second and third trimesters.

NUVU BABY Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

NUVU BABY Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This full body pregnancy pillow provides optimum support while you relax and sleep. A U shape is especially designed to help pregnant women to sleep comfortably on their side.

You can skip those annoying moments at night where you just toss and turn by purchasing the fully body U-shaped pillow from Nuvu Baby. This pillow is designed to give you the support you need during pregnancy. It does position your tummy and back well so you can rest comfortably. It is also ideal when recovering from injuries, surgery, nursing, and when looking to ease back and neck pain.

Who is this product for?

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Nuvu Baby Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is not just for pregnant ladies. Nursing moms will also find this it very reliable. Anyone looking to reduce snoring and recovering from surgery or injuries will also need this pillow. It is merely a product designed to benefit anyone in need.

What is included?

When you place an order, your pillow will arrive as a unit with no assembly required. No extras included. 

What makes it a must-have?

Boost blood circulation

Nuvu Baby understands the importance of blood circulation during pregnancy, and this pillow is uniquely designed to increase the amount of nutrients and blood that reach your placenta and the unborn child.

Made from quality material

This pillow has hollow fiber polyester filling secured inside a 100% polyester inner shell. The cover is 100% cotton and is removable and machine washable.

Neutral color

Neutral color that blends easily with other colors in your nursery or home. 

How to get the most out of it

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Simply place it where you want to use it and get comfortable. It will shape itself according to your body and the type of support you need. Make sure to wash the cover often to enjoy the comfort of your pillow for many years. It is also a great item to have in case someone in your house needs support after surgery or ease back and neck pain.


If for one reason or the other this pillow does not appeal to you, consider giving the CustomSleeping Snuggle Full Body Pillow a shot. Though a bit pricey, it offers the same experience and positions your tummy and back well. It is also dust mite resistance and machine washable.

The bottom line

Nuvu Baby knows you will need a pillow during pregnancy and designed a U-shaped pillow that offers you the best support. This pillow has everything you need to rest comfortably during and beyond pregnancy. And the fact it is designed to assist both men and women, anyone in your family can still use it anytime a need arises. Besides, it will not break your bank!

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