SOMEK Cornetto Breast Pump Review

SOMEK Single Breast Milk Pump

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The journey of motherhood is full of ups and downs. There are moments you will be happy, and other times you will have to make tough decisions. For example, return to work while still breastfeeding.

It is not an easy decision to resume work while your baby is still breastfeeding. But with a trustworthy breast pump such SOMEK Cornetto Breast Pump in the house, you can resume work confidently knowing your baby’s needs are adequately addressed.

Somek designs this pump from BPA free and FDA approved materials and has everything breastfeeding moms want and need to extract milk more comfortably. Further, this single electric pump is backed up with a 30-day money-back policy and a 24-month warranty. 

It is easy to clean and express milk quietly. This means you can express milk without disturbing your baby. It does also offer different settings. Levels 1-3 for new moms who have just given birth, levels 3-6 if you can lactate naturally daily, and levels 7-9 if your breasts are overfill and sore.

Who is this product for?

This pump is ideal for all moms looking to return to work and not ready to deprive their babies of the nutritious “beverage”—breast milk. Some women prefer to use double breast pumps and buy this single pump as a backup or take with them when traveling.


  1. Operate on a closed system with a backflow protector that keeps the tubing dry while pumping.
  2. The breast pump parts are designed using edible food-grade silicon. 
  3. Nine mode settings that help it mimic the baby’s sucking. It also designed to massage your breast to help you have better lactation.
  4. Extremely mobile: you can slip it in any bag when traveling. 
  5. Large and easy to read display which allows you to operate the pump more seamlessly
  6. Built-in rechargeable battery which you can charge using the USB included. The battery lasts for about 90 minutes of pumping time.

The only downside of this pump is that it limits your freedom to customize pressure and has one size of the breast shield.

How to get the most of it

To get the most out of your pump, make sure to read the detailed instruction booklet that comes with it. Equally, make sure to clean and maintain your pump and as well try all the nine mode settings until sure which works best for you.


If you prefer a double breast pump rather than a single electric pump, the Spectra Baby USA – S1 Plus Premier Electric breast pump is an excellent alternative. It comes with everything you could want in a double electric breast pump. The only downside is that it is more expensive.

The bottom line

The Somek Cornetto single electric breast pump is designed with breastfeeding and busy moms in mind. It is also reasonably priced so that any mom can afford it without breaking the bank. It is merely an excellent gadget.

Give it a shot and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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