Vbiger Maternity Belt Review

Vbiger Maternity Belt

Before childbirth, a pregnant woman goes through a lot, and in most cases, she needs support to progress smoothly. Maternity belts are among the products designed to support pregnant women during pregnancy. They come in handy in helping ease the pain and aches that come with the growing belly. 

Vbiger maternity belt

Vbiger Maternity Belt

Made of lightweight, breathable cotton and spandex, offer enough compression support with double wrap and holds in place well

We found the Vbiger belt to be very effective as a pain reliever and can be used when working out, at home, or when napping. It also does a good job of supporting the weight of the ballooning belly. Read on to learn more why this belt is a must-have.

What makes this belt unique?

Reduce pregnancy discomfort

It is obvious your belly will get bigger and bigger as your baby grows. While that is a good thing, the pain and discomfort caused by the growing baby may be unbearable. By putting on this belt, the extra weight you are carrying will be better supported, and you will notice the pain, aches, any discomfort you experience are eased.  

Lightweight and breathable construction

This lightweight belt adds no extra weight to your body. Besides, it designed from a breathable material, so be sure your belt will feel comfortable even during warmer days. The last thing you want is a belt that supports heat built up.

Gentle compression

You won’t regret putting on this belt. It gently compresses your tummy and using its double wraps; you can adjust it to stay firmly in place. In fact, many doctors vouch for it.  

Good for your posture

There is a likelihood you will start to hunch over as your belly gets bigger. When that happens, your posture and spine may be hurt in the process. Wearing this belt helps correct your posture as it provides support for your spine. 

Excellent fabric

It is made of cotton and spandex fabric hence ideal for wearing at home, in the office, or when working out. Additionally, it is not be seen under light garments and is slim enough to pass unnoticed.

Very adjustable 

It stretches up to 49 inches, and the Velcro strap on the back makes it easier to adjust this belt as your tummy gets bigger. Besides, you can count on it beyond pregnancy.

Vbiger Maternity Belt


  • Comfortable fabric (cotton and spandex)
  • Supports your belly’s weight and lessen the pressure on your sciatic nerve and bladder.
  • Ease back, abdominal, pelvic, waist, and hip pain,
  • Wearable every day when working out, driving, work, and so on, thanks to the breathable construction. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Wearable after childbirth.
  • Wearable under any clothing and will not be seen.
  • Made out of high-quality fabric
  • Very adjustable. You won’t have to keep purchasing new pregnancy belts throughout your pregnancy. 


  • Not machine washable.
  • Some women have complained that this belt is too short for bigger baby bellies. That means you may need to buy an extender. Fortunately, it is readily available.
  • Some moms-to-be have also complained that this belt is hard to put on without assistance as they get bigger.
  • Ladies with smaller baby bumps have had issues with the band staying in place stating that it moves as they sit or bend, even when tightened.

The bottom line

Having received many great reviews that speak of exceptional quality and performance, there is no doubt the Vbiger belt will support you fully during pregnancy and even after childbirth. We can assure you this is a purchase worth every penny. Give it a shot! 

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