Weight Control During Pregnancy

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An expectant mother should gain between 9 and 13 kilograms throughout the pregnancy period. Normally, a pregnant woman should talk to her doctor about weight control during pregnancy, impose a set of limits and do her best not to go over those limits. Here are a few tips on how to avoid the accumulation of extra weight during pregnancy!

Pregnant women usually tend to fall into various traps, such as using their pregnancy as an excuse to eat more and gain more than they actually should. By going through the tips below, you can easily find out how to avoid the accumulation of extra weight during pregnancy, by avoiding temptations!

No need to “eat for two”

This is the most dangerous idea, in terms of pregnancy weight. Even if food portions need to grow a little during pregnancy, they should definitely not become double. A pregnant woman should eat only about 300 extra calories each day, and not more.

Make a list of healthy nutritious, nourishing foods

The secret: eat healthy. If you stock up with a long list of foods that have the capacity to keep hunger away for long periods, you will get rid of the permanent chewing need, which can attract more pounds. Choose nourishing foods that have vitamins and essential nutrients!

Make a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy

When you make up this list of dangerous foods for your silhouette, you should keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Foods that are highly caloric and fat
  • Foods that bring no essential nutrients or vitamins for your body
  • Foods that are not nourishing enough
  • Elements that can endanger your pregnancy, like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine etc.

Eat little and often

This way you will always keep your stomach busy digesting and the feeling of hunger will appear less often. Eating little and often means keeping a balanced diet!

Drink plenty of water

Hydration during pregnancy is more important than at any other moment in life, ensuring not only the pregnant woman’s health, but normal fetal growth and development as well. As for your silhouette, the water has the same positive role in the maintenance of optimal weight. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day (water, or tea and natural juices) will also help to keep hunger away.

Warning on snacks and cravings

  • Even if the cravings can trick you into going straight to the first fast-food and choose the tastiest but unhealthy foods, try only to taste them and not eat them entirely.
  • It is important not to gain too much weight in the first trimester of your pregnancy (even when cravings occur).
  • Replace harmful snacks with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.

Weigh yourself often

You need to check your weight more often, during pregnancy. It is important to be constantly aware of how much weight you have accumulated in each stage of your pregnancy in order to know whether you stand within normal parameters and what step you should take next.

Silhouette journal in pregnancy

A silhouette journal has always proved to be a good way for women to lose weight. In pregnancy, it can help even more, because this way you can have control over what you eat and what changes occur to your body. This way you will know if you need to change or add anything to your diet during pregnancy, by the help of your notes. In addition, you can show it to your doctor and discuss the best options for your pregnancy.

Exercise every day

Even if you are not a fan of gym or sports it is important to be physically active during pregnancy. Walk as much as possible, take long walks or hire a professional to create a program for you, adapted to your preferences and exercise capacity.

Call the experts

If you feel that you cannot manage and control your pregnancy weight yourself, do not hesitate to turn to specialists. Both your nutritionist and your fitness instructor can help you get through pregnancy without gaining unnecessary extra weight.